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    C07162E5-CF4D-436D-9CCE-7EC17A303357.jpeg Little Jack near Castle Stalker in Argyll. Someone was working on this a couple of years ago but seen nobody recently. A section of hull has been cut out to shorten the vessel. A bit sad really as an unfinished project which will probably just rot away. As I took this picture a skein of geese flew just overhead with loud conversation.
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    New high-rise building in Suffolk seen this morning.

    (and yes, straw did get caught in the jockey wheels)
    Suffolk High Rise.jpg
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    There's not a house hidden behind it is there,

  4. Bad Machine

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    East Anglia
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    East Anglia
    The weather here in Suffolk has been gorgeous over the last few days, getting into the mid- to high-20s by late morning. I've been heading out for a ride early in the day to avoid the heat. but scored a double with a monument and cafe breakfast, in the same village. £3.80 for fresh coffee and hot cheese and bacon pastry, just after 8.00 am. I read the details from the packhorse bridge sign over the coffee - it was easier to enlarge the photo on my phone than to fish out my glasses from the bottom of the pannier.

    Moulton Breakfast jpg.jpg

    Bridge Sign.jpg
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    2 things in front of a castle and a slaughterhouse , and along side a canal WP_20190901_14_28_52_Pro.jpg WP_20190901_13_10_23_Pro.jpg WP_20190901_13_02_27_Pro.jpg but where?
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  8. voyager

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    Kidwelly to Burry Port sustran route 4
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