Your thing in front of a thing

Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by FishFright, 30 Apr 2018.

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    Puts a whole new slant on global warming causes!:heat:
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    East Anglia
    Cuckoo Trail small.jpg

    Here's my trike in front of an interesting woodcarving on the Cuckoo Trail in Sussex, yesterday. Anyone know any more about it ?

    I had some work in Eastbourne early morning, and then again in the evening - but nothing inbetween, so started planning. A ride from Eastbourne Leisure Centre gave me a route out from the town centre, a long-stay car park, access to showers afterwards, and all for £5.50 (Cost of adult swim +car park exit token). Apparently all day car parking there alone is £5.00.

    The Sovereign Centre car park is next to the Leisure Centre, on Eastbourne seafront (Royal Parade, Eastbourne BN22 7LQ), and the signposts out to the Cuckoo Trail are good until the Morrisons supermarket (so head for Shinewater Park, via Bannatyne's Health Club / Travelodge, and head up to run alongside the A22 to avoid a dead end at Shinewater itself (DAHIKT). Almost all is off-road at the Eastbourne end, or on minor roads. North of Polegate it's all fairly well signposted, and at the Heathfield end there's free car parking (up to 24 hours), a Waitrose with a cafe and a toilet.
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    Brighton has been invaded with giant snails
    counted 5 along the A259 , all different last time it was snow dogs , appear to be the Martletts fund raising scheme
  4. Bad Machine

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    East Anglia
    A hectic week at work needs an antidote: I had packed the ICE into the back of the car, and headed out early this morning from where I'm staying in Hythe, and took the coastal path/promenade all the way to Folkestone Warren viewpoint

    Hythe dawn 18Oct18.jpg

    The uphill out of Folkestone harbour was worth the effort for the view back down into the town, and I always get a buzz from leaving off the brakes on any descent.:eek:

    Folkestone Harbour 18Oct18.jpg

    Stopped for bacon roll and mug of tea at Loaf, in Sandgate ( And no, it's never too early for cake.

    Sandgate Castle 18Oct18.jpg
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    It's never too early, or late, for cake or bacon rolls !
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  6. voyager

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    you can't beat a bacon roll and cup of tea.
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    East Anglia
    My Lepus in front of Rushbrooke Well House, near Bury St Edmunds.

    Rushbrooke Well House small.jpg

    I've cycled past this several times this year, and noted the iron hand pump within. This morning I was told it had been built to cover a well, so searched for some more info. According to Suffolk Heritage, it was built in 1600; the local I talked with said it had had some importance as it was on the route used by pilgrims en-route to the Abbey at Bury St Edmunds. A BT junction box on the south of the village is labelled as "Pilgrim's Meadow", and the cross on the top of the well house may be a further indicator of its link to the Abbey. The modern houses in the village were built by Lord Rothschild 1955-1963, but I did find a photo taken before the new houses were built.

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  8. Fairly close to St. Edmunds' day, as well.
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    On 3 Wheels
    Patron Saint of Jumpers,

  10. I thought he was the Patron Saint of Wolves. And people who get shot full of arrows by the Danes.
  11. Bad Machine

    Bad Machine In the garage .....

    East Anglia
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    Does a signpost count as a thing? IMG_20181220_115211732.jpg
  13. plantfit

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    My thing in front of a four wheeled thing that shouldn't be parked on a cycle/footpath

  14. plantfit

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    My thing in front of my other thing

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