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And here we go again, statue of William Bradley, all 7 ft 9 and large as life, Market Weighton:

42191597972_53e0a16899_z.jpgWilliam Bradley statue by John Jackson, on Flickr

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I wonder if the beer had more flavour when Greene King were still using this size brewing vessel ? And don't get me started on why Speckled Hen tasted better when brewed in Abingdon..........

ICE outside Greene King BSE.jpg

There is another brewery in Bury St Edmunds :- - their ales are good, but they don't do brewery tours like Greene King do. and well worth a visit - you get a proper tour around the brewery, a tasting-session at the end, and as long as you can climb stairs, an unrivalled view across the town.
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Two trikes in front of the Red Shoot Inn and brewery ( it still brews about 3 different beers in the New Forest )
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