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North Yorkshire
Looking for a decent, robust secondhand watch (the whole watch, not just the second hand). Or maybe a swap for a handmade cooking or serving spoon?
Im back to drystone walling after a period of ill health, and need to regulate time a bit better than “oh, it’s dark, I had better go home”. Trying to rebuild a bit of structure into life by getting a system to cope / regulate (cf. personal matters thread)
Something I can wash dust and mud off preferably. I’ve had a Suunto Observer for many years but can no longer see the digital dial without reaching for my specs, and the wristbands cost a fortune to replace. A clear analogue face would be great.
Anyone got anything lurking at the back of the drawer?
Or anyone know of / happens to be a trusted watch repairer with bargains?
Thanks in advance!


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Look at Casios you can get a decent robust watch for £10-£20.
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