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I've often read discussions about the best bit of kit that you've bought for your bike/cycling but never a worst equivalent :smile: so I'll start one off and see if anyone adds other stuff :okay: might come as a surprise but the worst bit of kit for me was a pair of Castelli bibs. Nothing wrong with the fit or chammy but after a few months, after a post ride wash, I hung them on the line and noticed a white fleck on the legs :blush:. Took a photo and sent it to Castelli and asked for any thoughts/advice and all I got back was 'nothing to do with us' :stop:. Cos it looks so unsightly they've now been demoted to turbo shorts but the white flecking has spread over both legs so they are the worst bit of kit I've purchased :sad:


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One of those triangle shaped bags that goes between the top tube and seat tube. Had room for virtually nothing. Fell to bits.


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Numerous saddles that I couldn't get on with, but you've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince(ss) :okay:

Also luggage related, one of those top tube/stem fuel tanks. Just stuff it in your pockets.

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One of those triangle shaped bags that goes between the top tube and seat tube. Had room for virtually nothing. Fell to bits.
All I ever kept in those was a Co2 tire inflator and a cartridge, and used it for shoulder carrying the bike in cyclocross. Now, I just use them for touring, also in case I have to carry the bike.


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The triangular frame carrier appeared in the early days of mountain biking when we were actually shouldering bikes to carry them up proper mountains, not like nowadays when "mountain biking" means racing down hills on engineless motor bikes or charging round man-made trails like a hamster in a wheel.

The chain cleaning devices were useless especially as the fluid would dribble into your BB or freehub and wash out the grease.

The white threads appear on all lycra shorts, not only Castelli, when the textile gets abraded or washed too aggressively and the little elastic threads break out of the warp and weft.


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A bike light by 'Ding' - this was an Aussie Kick Starter. The light looked great in principal with a 'down light' which spread light under the bike as well as in front. Lots of delays, but it eventually arrived. Nice packaging.

Two slightly muddy night rides later - mud had got inside the 'down light'. Managed to open it out and clean the lens, but realised it was really badly sealed. Had to glue the seals to stop further ingress. Move on a bit, the ruddy mounting bracket snapped clean off.

Great idea, let down by poor plastics and seals.


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Garmin Edge Explore 820. Most un-user friendly, expensive POS ever invented. Has tested my patience on many a long ride, to the point that I now just use Google maps on my phone. And a good old Cateye computer for the stats I want.
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