Wisper 806 Folder - Pannier heel strike?

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I'm considering the Wisper 806 (Torque) but I'm not going to be able to see one in the flesh, so to speak, before ordering.
My concern is that, looking at the few pictures I've seen, the mounting bars for panniers seem to be positioned in such a way as to prevent the bags being mounted towards the back of the rack. If I get one I'll be using it for supermarket shops so I want to be sure that I'm not going to get any heel strike with full panniers.

Any 806 riders out there who can reassure me or offer any advice on this bike?

For background, I'm looking to get a folding e-bike because I don't have room for another full size bike. I'm looking for something that's not quite a cargo bike but can carry a reasonable load, so a rear rack is essential.


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I have no experience on the Wisper 806, but I share your concern. I have fairly large feet (UK 12) and on my Brompton I get heel strike all the time if I put anything of significance on the rack. The geometry doesn't look a world away from a Brompton.

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@welsh dragon has a Wisper folder, although I don't know if she uses panniers.

The Orbea eKatu is a compact framed bike suitable for shopping.

I have the push bike version with a rear carrier which is high enough for medium sized panniers with no heel strike problems.

If it has to be a folder with luggage capacity, the Tern Vektron is designed for the job.

However, the rear carrier is not very high, so while heel strike won't be a problem, deep panniers might foul the drivetrain.



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Whisper the rack contains the battery so the top of the rack is higher so mid size panniers is a possibility.
That could be good or bad.

The casing of some rack mounted batteries stands slightly proud of the carrier rails making attaching any pannier difficult.

Wisper are generally helpful and will lift the phone.

If you get David Miall you will be speaking to the owner.
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