Wilson v McGill


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That was unbelievable, don't think I'll ever see a frame like that again. I've been glued to the snooker all week.


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My mate who sits next to me in the Kop runs a snooker club and gets some professionals in officially open things and plays a frame or two with his customers so he knows most of them and knows the game like the back of his hand. He has absolutely no time for O'Sullivan who he reckons is a big-headed, money-grabbing misery-guts. We're cheering for Wilson.


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O'Sullivan has lost the plot, but Ciarán is not playing much better, worse final for a while. I was hoping to see Selby in the final, who's been playing more consistent snooker. I don't think Kieran can spell either.


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15-8. It will be an amazing comeback For Wilson from here.
It’s quite clear that he’s difficult to like, but a brilliant player.
He doesn’t understand how other professionals can practice for hours and not be as good as him.
His family are all wronguns. His dad was in prison for murder and his mum was in prison for tax evasion.
Smokin Joe

Smokin Joe

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O'Sullivan won with his B game, Wilson never really turned up. A shame, but that's the way it goes.

I played a lot of snooker and it is the strangest game you can play, you just never know how well or not you are going to perform. You can come to a match feeling on top of the world and really up for it and find you can't pot a plant when you pick up a cue. Another day you are down in the dumps, feeling awful and you can't miss.
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