Which chain splitting tool?

My trusty old (and very cheap) chain tool of 25-30yrs service has finally failed. It has travelled many thousands of miles in its role as my emergency roadside repair tool as well as being my workshop chain chopper.

Currently looking at two possible replacements. As these are from reputable brands I expect them to be as good as or better than the one they replace. The new one may also be relieved of mobile duties and become a dedicated workshop item with emergency repairs being fulfilled by a new multi-tool.

Park Tool CT-5 £10.99

Topeak universal chain tool £7.95

Which is best, or are there better options at this size and price point?

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Park tools CT-5.
Topeak 18+ minitool for on the road. Has most things you'll need including a bottle opener. A very well made tool.


Sorry, but not a fan of the CT-5. I bent the handle on mine a couple of years back on a particularly stubborn extraction (yeah, beefcake :becool:).

My home "workshop" one is something like the X-Tools Pro (sorry, it's p***ing down and I can't be arsed going out to the garage). The bigger handle gives you much better leverage imho.

The "on the bike" one is incorporated into a multi-tool. Much harder to use though.


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I have both and they work equally well to be honest. But I prefer the Topeak one only because you can take it apart so that it packs down smaller
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You don't say whether you have to break 11-speed chains or not. Those require a special chain breaker that can also peen the pin.

However, you can do better than the two tools you cited. Those are toys, fit for perhaps, the on-bike toolkit only.

Treat yourself with a big, fat chain tool with adjustable bits. The X-Tool linked above, looks like the shizz. I use a BBB one, the larger of the two. Why fiddle with little levers and inaccurate anvils?


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I have a really Park CT splitter for my garage, I think it is only rated for 8 speed, but I use it on everything. On the road I use the one built into my Topeak Mini 20. I have only had to use it a couple of times (rescuing others), but it seems to work well.


I use a FWE chain tool at home which is far too big and impractical to carry around on the bike and just a multi-tool chain breaker to split a chain on a ride - I'd then use a split link to rejoin rather than rely on being able to get the chain back together properly - I've tried this trailside on my MTB once with little success.

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Park CT 5 mini-brute for me, partly because it's small and easy to carry.

Only used mine two or three times.

If I was doing a lot of chain breaking I would get a tool with proper handles.
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