Which bike tyres to buy?


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Continental UltraSport II are good - I've had one puncture in 5 years. They're not brilliant in the wet but they're good, fast tyres.

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the gp5000 is meant to be better than the gp4000?
Not necessarily more puncture resistant tho. The 4 seasons would be better for that
4000s not available anymore. 5000s come up on spec for width. 5000s have low rolling resistance but their sidewalls are not as robust as the GP4Seasons.
GP4S have more apparent puncture protection (and the OP has mentioned that as the top 'key' requirement).
UltraSport II are more likely to puncture: their key selling point is their price (with a 'brand').
@ianrauk has suggested Durano Plus.
Here's the comparison:
Continental-grand-prix-4-season-2015 vs Continental-grand-prix-5000-2018 vs Schwalbe-durano-plus-2017
(Wear bright clothing to increase your visibility, too.)
Do you recommend the OP wears a helmet as well, Jon, to reduce her fear of punctures?


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For autumn winter and spring I run irc x guards (tubeless) in 25 and 28 mm , a very robust and hard wearing tyre
summer schwalbe one pros 25 and 28 mm (tubeless again)
the roads around Lincolnshire are not the best , but I have very little problems with both brands
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