Which bike tyres to buy?


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I am looking to buy new road bike tyres since my current ones don't seem to be any good as I have frequent punctures despite only cycling on main road and not cycling off road or in places which you would expect a puncture. The cost doesn't matter too much I just want reliable tyres as the cost of new inner tubes is pilling up and I find it hard to change punctures. I want the tyres to have low rolling resistance and it would be good if they weren't super heavy. I have seen so far continental 4 seasons tyres being recommended but I want to know of all possible options before making my choice.


How far can I go?
Winter: Pirelli Cinturato Velos
Summer: Conti GP5000s


Re inner tubes, you should be able to repair them several times before you need to bin them.

Make sure you are upgrading for the right reason. If to avoid punctures, yes get some more protective tyres. But if it is because you cannot or have difficulties fixing punctures, the tougher tyres will be even harder to get on and off and more likely to self inflict nips when putting a new tube in. Better to keep learning with the tyres you have now. Only a few months to the start of spring!

If it is the getting on and off issue, then to eliminate, go for solid tyres.


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I swear by the Michelin endurance range Currently running power all season 23c on my winter bike.would have fitted 25c but not enough clearance with guards.

Edit When fitting the last bit can be difficult I use the tyre key or a smear of washing up liquid round the last two inches of the bead.Either method works for me.
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Vittoria Zaffiro Pro or Bontrager AW3.

Durano Plus are fine too, but I prefer how the Bontrager AW series ride - I have the AW3 and the AW2 TLR versions.

I commuted 25miles every day for 3 years on the Zaffiro Pros and only had a couple of punctures in that time too. Good value and really durable.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
In winter: Continental GP 4Seasons or Durano Plus for best / commuting
Summer: Continental GP5000


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This is going to be one of those threads where everyone lists their favourite tyres.

Schwalbe Durano Plus for me: Great puncture resistance and apart from that they are ... well ... um ... tyres.

Here's a picture that I never tyre ( ha ha ) of posting on here. This nail attacked my tyre but my trusty DP kept it away from the inner tube. There's about 15-20mm of nail in the tyre Needed pliers to get it out.
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