Where's the best place to store a will?

Chris S

I'm currently writing my will and was thinking of depositing it with the London Probate Service.
Does anybody have any better recommendations?


I think ours are kept foc by the solicitor. There's a copy at home 'somewhere'.

twentysix by twentyfive

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I'm taking all of it with me. ^_^

Plan B is @sheddy 's

Edit :- I suspect the reason solicitors store wills FOC is that they are then first in line to get the business of probate etc


We paid for the solicitors to draw up the will and they store it FOC. I guess they roll up the storage fees into the price for the Will lol, The solicitors are not the executors.
FOC at our solicitors.

My mums was held at a holding company in Bath.

@twentysix by twentyfive mentioned probate. A solicitor will charge a few grand for this. I have just recieved the confirmation of probate for my mums estate.
It took 2 evenings to do with a bit of head scratching and swearing, but it's all on line and fairly straight forward. Costs nowt!
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