Where do you Store your Lunchbox?

Hi all,

I've just bought my first drop-bar bike, a Claud Butler Elite, which I plan on using to get to and from work, as well as general road cycling to keep my fitness up.
On my hybrid, I fitted a rear bike rack and have a bag which I pop my lunchbox in. Once I get to work, I take it out and carry it about with me until I get to the work kitchen - which is sometimes after a walk in to town.

I really don't want to fit a rear rack to the CB, so I am wondering how you carry your lunch?
A backpack would be the obvious choice. However, I have a lot of wet foods (salads and leftovers from the night before) because of dietary requirements, so if my lunchboxes go vertical, there's often a puddle at the bottom of the bag.

I'm looking for a Brompton style front bag, but I can't find one big enough without breaking the bank!


It won't help you, but my lunch is carried in a pack in a rear pannier. I don't like cycling with a back back


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My lunch comes from M&S, Pret or Waitrose mostly and not usually in a box :whistle:

Otherwise why not pack your lunch box in a couple of plastic bags so there’s no leakage if it tips up

Or just fit a light weight rack and pannier to the bike :okay: you’re commuting not racing


Or this would cost under £30, about the same as a tortec ultralight rack (save 10% if a BC member)

I've used a couple of handle bar bags and they are great for load carrying, but can be a little difficult when the autumn comes and trying to fit front lights on.


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The only thing I'd say is that if you carry hard objects in a rucksack, such as lunchboxes, computers, Uzi's etc, ensure you use a cycling specific job with armour to protect your spine. All the usual suspects, Deuter, Camelbak, etc, made such things.


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I use the Topeak stuff, MTX rack etc on the commuter. On the trike I have a decent sized handlebar bag, again Topeak, which my lunch would fit in.
How about one of those big blue Deliveroo rucksack boxes....


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I used to use a rucksack for commuting. Decent quality lunchboxes eliminated - I'm may case - gravy spillages.
I would use a rucksack and double bag wet stuff in ziplock bags to avoid leakages. That way if you fall off you won't land on a hard plastic lunchbox.
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