What is your pre ride eating routine?


Accra, Ghana
Oral rehydration salts;

Normal toast or cereal here, croissants if the Tour’s on. I eat more if on a credit card tour, usually poached eggs. The bottles only have water in them. Normally stop for coffee and flapjack, occasionally will have sandwich on a long ride. Raid fridge when I get home.

All uphill

I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike
Porridge and fruit, a boiled egg with toast. Mug of tea.

With that inside I can meet the world with a smile.


2 hours pre ride I'll have a porridge pot and mug of tea, sometimes I'll eat a cereal bar just before ride begins depending on distance. :bicycle:


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near Hornsea
Not always a weekend ride for me, shift work means my 'weekend' starts next Wednesday :blush: If I'm out for a long ride I like to have toast, bacon, egg & mushrooms before I set off & just 1 coffee (any more coffee means too many comfort breaks) Might have a cafe stop after 60-70 miles, or sometimes will just make do with a cereal/energy bar. Did 100 miles last week on breakfast & energy bar, with no cafe stop. Late(ish) start & no lights meant I had to be home before dark, so was a little pushed for time & this time of year especially, I don't drink enough whilst cycling. I didn't quite finish 1 750ml bottle of drink in 100+ miles :blush:


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Toast and marmalade cup of tea before I go, take a cereal bar with me and try and stop half way for a coffee and cake.


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My daily ritual is a yoghurt - which I share with my dog ^_^ - a banana and a can of Red Bull Sugar-Free for the caffeine (hate coffee). I'll then take a gel if it's a 100km+ ride. I'll always have a gel or two in my pocket too. Water: one bottle is just water, the other has an electrolyte tab in it.
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