What is it if not a Rotrax ?

Well it said on the tin that it was,but now I'm wondering what it is ?
I bought an old ish steel frame which had the transfers and it resembled a Rotrax , it seemed to have indentations on the bottom bracket near the edge which I assumed were stamped numbers . As I have never seen 1/8 inch stamped numbers I had nothing to go by .
I thought was going to be a nice straight forward strip down the paintwork , find out a bit about it and respray it in a nice metallic blue . Well that is how it started off .
After cleaning up the frame I took a closer look at the indentations , they appeared to be a series of one's , four ,1111. There was also a number stamped into the front fork which was 11. Going by Rotrax frame numbering system it would suggest 2011, whichever way you read it this seemed entirely wrong for the style and fittings on the frame .
The frame is made of steel tubing , there is no visible seem when looking down inside the seat tube . The lugs appear to be Prugnat S4, the bottom bracket looking quite plain . There are no braze ons whatsoever ! The front fork dropouts are Campagnolo and the rear ones are Shimano with screw adjusters, neither dropouts have eyelets for mudguards . I compared the front forks against the ones on my Raleigh Record Ace and they are more substantial , being roundish to round as opposed to oval to round in section .
The paintwork on the frame was a bit messy and as I was going to respray it I decided to try to see if I could find any tell tale signs of what lay lurking beneath . I set about it with a rag soaked in cellulose thinners in the most obvious places where remnants of transfers may still exist . I discovered that the frame had been sprayed four times in the past . Blue , blue, metallic black and the original light greenish blue metallic with pink section on the seat tube and between the lugs on the steerer tube , classic style . The front forks were also in light greenish blue metallic, they were the original equipment !
Whilst I was cleaning off some of the old paintwork the other day I caught sight of a number lightly stamped into the bottom bracket . It was placed centrally just down from the down tube . On cleaning off some paint I found 34336. I can't think of any frames with a number stamped in the same position .
It is a bit of a puzzle !
Sorry there are no pictures at the moment as our computer is having tantrum!


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Difficult to say without pictures, but the frame number, style of lugs, mismatching dropouts and lack of braze ons could indicate a Falcon. As could the colour.
Pics needed.
Difficult to say without pictures, but the frame number, style of lugs, mismatching dropouts and lack of braze ons could indicate a Falcon. As could the colour.
Pics needed.
As I said our computer is misbehaving at the moment . I will try to delete a load of pictures before loading some new ones .
I considered Falcon but ruled it out for several reasons . The frame number didn't contain any letters. Falcon also liked using vinyl instead of paint for applying their logos. The way in which there are no braze ons does suggest a Falcon, I spotted a Professional one for sale on the well known site for sale which does resemble it very closely . I was also wondering why there was a miss match in the dropouts. It suggests that the frame builder had run out and was using what was available .
From what I can see through the layers of paint is that it was put together well and there aren't blobs of braze left anywhere .
I was trying to pin down the period in which the bike was made just by going by style of construction . The use of large diameter rear seat stays instead of pencil thin ones suggests to me late 60's to late 80's. The colour scheme makes me think of 60's to 70's and that the person who owned it liked Neopolitan ice-cream.


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Here's the frame in question .

The four notches to the right on the bottom bracket were what I thought was the frame number . They are about 1/8 inch.

The other number only showed up in the sunlight .
I will re measure the gap between the dropouts .


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They used a red oxide primer or undercoat. I can see it at the top of the steerer tube on mine. Green and blue were original colours for a pro. What’s the size of your frame, centre of crank to top of seat tube lug. They came in quarter inch sizes i.e. 23.25.
Seat post was normally 27.00.
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