What have you found while riding?

Tom B

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Yesterday's finds were a butty box with butties crisps and boiled eggs in it (binned).

And a M&S girt card, once I've tried to reunite that with its owners I'll see if there is any credit on it.

captain nemo1701

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On the Tales from Today's commute thread, I recently came across two large stolen BMW motorbikes on my cyclepath commute. One crashed, the other thoughtfully parked on it's prop stand by the thieves.


Tights of Cydonia
South Glos
If it's still there, it would be lovely if you could take it to the nearest vet, where they will scan for a chip and notify the owner. Someone has to be missing this guy xxx
I realise that but I had no way of doing this on the bike. Probably a feral cat judging by the location. I'm keeping an eye out on local missing pet pages for any likely candidates though.

Sunny Portrush

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I once found a bike and toyed with the idea of cycling my own bike one handed whilst holding the other. And then about 100 yards later, I found another much better one but by that stage I was beginning to think that they had been pinched and hastly dumped so I rang the rozzers who came and picked them up.

I asked about a month later if they had been returned to their rightful owners and they had so I feel suitably happy.

roley poley

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on the towpath, a load of fishing line wound tightly in my cogs and jockey wheels


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When I was about 15 I cycled 7 miles each way to work in somebody's garden (now a famous RHS garden) and somewhere along the way I found a cow's head in a ditch. It had a hole in its temple. I used to stop most days and stare at it while wondering how it got there.

Some lucky person found a brand-new Castelli rain cape that we gave GtiJunior for his birthday and he managed to lose from his pocket within about two miles of setting off. 🤬
The impression from this thread is that apart from other nocturnal activities the UK road network is strewn with corpses.

I found a new career - a long solo cycling trek I made through the Australian outback led to a three-part series in National Geographic and from there a twenty year career trotting the globe writing and shooting for the magazine.
I think I may have read those articles as a teenager. I certainly remember such a series when I was subscribed at about that time.

Third Offence - Deportation to Australia

So what do others think? Perhaps the punishment for the third offence is a tad harsh?
A bit unfair on Australia.

A Mole Grip, a £20 note, a lamp you put on your head held by an elastic strap, a caravan, a boat on a trailer, ropes, a paint brush, a pair of gents trousers, and today a total of 68 bottles and cans.
How did you get them home with a bike?
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