What have you found while riding?


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I pick up broken cable ties on the roads to repair shoes with.
And those blue buffer pads (kinda polystyrene?) they use to protect glass/windows during transport, handy for ex to put between bags and rack/frame so that paint doesn't get worn off / aluminium doesn't wear off by the bags.
And some other stuff, parts of mudguards, inner tubes, bolts, nuts, ... Sometimes a duck hit by traffic. I eat... err wait I take these home to treat their wounds then send them back in the air.


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Lots of empty CO2 canisters.


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Two other things that often appear on the side of roads are the single shoe and the bottle of Coke half filled with Irn Bru.


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Early one Sunday morning I found a roll of wallpaper still in its cellophane wrapping.
On another occasion a " SnapOn" 10mm combination spanner in pristine condition.


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Think i've mentioned this before on here.....
I found a bag of marijuana, individually smaller amounts pre wrapped inside ready for street dealing.


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Not on the road but on a colleagues bus, a bag with marijuana and papers etc in, was handed in at the depot as "lost property". reported to police (one of the inspectors was a Special), guy phoned up and came in to claim it! Needless to say the boys in blue were waiting.


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North Yorkshire
Out and about locally I stumble across: dead deer; dead badgers; dead rabbits; dead pheasants; quantities of vegetables.
When I stop in the rural edgelands of some northern town I invariably find: a spanner; a pair of pliers; underwear; tubular foam pipe insulation; an England flag; one glove; one work boot; a sweater stained with silicone sealant.
The hedgerows are sieves for this modern archaeology, the verges great collages of discarded food cartons. This is England: one armed fried chicken munching, nationalist sloths apparently free and easy with their trade tools, gunning down wildlife in the dead of night.


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On my wife's commute into work she passes a trading estate with the usual stores ( DFS, Curry's, Carpet Wright etc)
Then they built a Macdonalds with a " Drive Through Restaurant "

It didn't take long before the empty food and drink containers started appearing in the hedges and littering the cycle paths, gradually creeping further and further up the roads.

It really does wind me up, it is a deliberate act to turn the environment into an untidy sh*t hole.

My solution is three fold:

First offence - a public Tazering until they have lost control of their bowels and then they have to walk home in their sh*t stained clothing.

Second Offence - as above but their vehicle is crushed and they are charged for its disposal.

Third Offence - Deportation to Australia

So what do others think? Perhaps the punishment for the third offence is a tad harsh?
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