What have you found while riding?

Many years ago, I found a body on my cycle to school. (South Africa). Told my Mum. She called the Police, body was collected - stabbing, presumed theft of wages the night before - and I was sent off to school with a note from the Police as to why I was late...

Last Sunday Club MTB ride we found a young eagle on the ground, took it to the local Police station who called in the RSPCA-equivalent here.
Oh, I forgot.

Half a hundredweight of potatoes...
On my paper round 45 years ago, a very large carrier bag crammed full of gentleman’s special interest magazines.
even if you hadn't mentioned the 45 years that find would date you.

I don't remember finding anything apart from the odd bounced off broken light.
you worked in a soft porn archive?

I fear thread drift here - friends when I was young sometimes confessed to finding theirv dad's stash in the garage.

Might have explained their fondness for car/bike fettling.
edit - am intrigued by the posting home - were you such a dodgy cove that you were routinely searched on coming home?
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