What have you found while riding?


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If you've been riding bikes for awhile, there's a good chance that you have found something while on your ride. Some of the things that I have stopped to pick off the ground are....

  1. 2 iPad Minis
  2. iPhone
  3. $10
  4. Wrench & Hammer.
I recently made a video of some of the things that I and others have found while riding.

View: https://youtu.be/pqDiX6G_g8k

What have you found while riding around?


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A shoe with a foot still in it.


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I thought there was already a thread on this subject in the cafe.
Dont think this has been done before! what is the oddest/ most useful/valuable thing you have found laying in the road on your commute to work. This came to me upon seeing the second childs pottie in as many weeks in the middle of the road on my way to work. Why do you only see odd shoes never a pair? To date, some of my fids have been as follows-
A junior hacksaw, then a week later, a large hacksaw in the same spot?
A 'Snap-on' burglars type crowbar/ jemmy (brand new)
A five pound note!
Numerous spanners, particularly spark plug spanners
A large, new iron hook from a skip lorry that a chap gave me £5 for
A wrecked cheapo mountain bike

I am surely not alone in this!
Regards, Goldfang.
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lost somewhere
On my paper round 45 years ago, a very large carrier bag crammed full of gentleman’s special interest magazines.

Another day, in a very large puddle, a pink rubber dildo floating in it.

And on another paper round, filling in for holiday cover, a tobacco tin with a Zippo lighter, £5.00 and some change.
Hedge porn is rarer than white dog poo these days.
I nearly found a £20 note while waiting at a red light in four lanes of rush hour traffic on the south side of Hammersmith Broadway. It was only five feet in front of me but I figured that I would be squashed by a mass of traffic if I got off the bike to snaffle it if the lights changed.
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