What Have You Fettled Today?


There are some good deals on Ebay or Facebook market place, Go for a good one, well worth it as they ride so much better than a starter bike, My Eastern rides the best but my We the people aint far behind, Do your homework and you could end up with something nice for not a lot of money.:okay:
We're now the proud owner of one! A Mafiabikes Kush 2, needs a good clean but not bad for £65



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We're now the proud owner of one! A Mafiabikes Kush 2, needs a good clean but not bad for £65

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About time we had a few more bmx ers on here, nice one.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
More work, including a 'fail' on the NeilPryde:
  • The front derailleur cable was completely stuck, even after soaking. So, rather than snap the frame hanger the front mech's been removed, I then tried to undo the cable bolt and failed even with massive force, so I have fitted a replacement Ultegra one.
  • Aero seatpost out, carbon greased as there wasn't any and back in.
  • Swapped the damaged saddle for a Bontrager Paradigm in my size.
  • Then tried to fit the BB30-24mm adaptor and a Shimano Ultegra crankset. The crankset's way too wide as it's just a basic pop-in spacer. Failed, cracked the cheap plastic spacer. Ordered another proper one on 'next day' delivery.
Once the replacement spacers are in and the crankset it'll be new cables, better brake pads and a chain ready for a test-ride on Sunday. Hopefully. If the spacer's arrive tomorrow.

Also cleaned my son's BeOne and adjusted/tightened the bars after they moved yesterday in the middle of a sprint at training :ohmy: We share that joy; my turn to clean this week.
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Been suffering from creaking loose cleat mounts or at least that what I thought until I locktighted them and also tried different shoes and eventually dawned on me it was one side of the dual sided SPD pedals, and to be more precise pretty convinced it was the right hand one, so both mechanisms well sprayed with GT-85 and then some light oiling.
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I have just bought my 2nd Genesis Day One 10 SS Disc in just over a month and seem to have been fettling daily everytime the postman (or women) brings me a new set of track nuts or bar tape etc.. The first one was for my teenage son and is set up with flatbars and hydraulic brakes which suits his 'occasonal' local ride to the shops but I decided to leave mine with the drops but replaced pretty much everything else. It was a real bargain so I didn't mind spending on it to get it just how I wanted and it needed a bit of TLC after appearing to have been a bit neglected. I found mud inside just about everything so the wheel and headset bearings had to be changed straightaway. The BB was surprisingly smooth though so that stayed in place which was probably just as well because it seemed to be pretty well stuck in the frame anyway. However, the best change (and another bargain) were the TRP Spyre Calipers off ebay which appeared to be brand new and came with new pads too. I have previously fitted a set to my CAADX which are good but they are nowhere near as good as these latest ones. I think it must be down to getting a more direct pull with SS levers over the STI type but I may be wrong. Even the Swalbe 700 x 40 tyres from Halfords were a bargain (£12) and are so grippy and comfortable too. I feel like a child again and just want to put on my oldest cycling kit and find every dirty muddy trail whenever I can :bicycle:


Replaced the thru axles on the Veturi. The miss match between front and rear had annoyed me from new so I'd been looking on and off for a while. The rear needs a 6mm hex key to remove it and has a 1.75mm pitch thread whereas the front had a rather bulky quick release cam lever and 1.5mm thread. When the Bianchi arrived with its rather nifty hide-away thru axle levers I tried to find out who made them but with no luck. Around a month ago I happened by chance upon a thread in another forum about 'Rapi-Lock' replacement thru axles - I'm very glad I clicked on it, as it answered all of my questions :laugh:

The Rapi-Lock appears to be near-identical to the Bianchi thru axles in operation, with two differences. Firstly the hide away lever is black rather than silver, and secondly they come as a rather nifty kit of parts to allow you to build the axle up to suit the bike...


You measure a few dimensions of the original axle and identify the thread pitch then use the chart on the right to work out what parts to assemble together. Simple as that. Once assembled you fold the lever out, tighten the axle then stow the lever away again as with the Bianchi's axles.




Simple little mod but its solved one of the only irritations I had about the bike :laugh:


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Fitted some Vittoria Terreno Dry tyres on the Marin Gravel bike, I’m keen to see how they perform tomorrow


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Finished work on the NeilPryde Nazare:
  • Replacement BB30-24mm adaptors arrived and fitted
  • Shimano Ultegra crankset and pedals fitted
  • Front derailleur cable and brake cable set installed
  • Rear derailleur cable adjusted
  • Swapped the Shimano RS21 wheels for a red Superstar Components set
  • Chain added. I think it's a 'lightly used' one that's done about 50 miles only.
After a short test-ride the bars were lowered, stem dropped and seatpost raised. Fits much better.

The front derailleur's still catching a bit though. That'll have to wait until the morning before I hope to get a proper test-ride in. Once that's done it'll be onto the turbo, probably with a different saddle, for a winter of Zwift racing.

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The Kona has been demanding some fettling love for a while now, so today I finally got around to several of the jobs. First thing on the agenda was to fit the new brake pads to the front, that I'd bought several months ago. I whipped the old ones out, or at least what was left of them! Then I took the opportunity to give the inside of the calliper a good old clean out.


Then with that done I gently pushed the pistons back and inserted the new pads. I haven't taken the bike out yet to bed the new pads in, that's tomorrows job.

Then it was on to the headset which was a little loose, a quick five minute job and alls well. Then on to the transmission. The last few months have been a quick wipe down with an oily rag and re-oil job, so today was a little more thorough. I took the jockey wheels out and gave them a good scrub. The SRAM jockey wheels look deceptively simple to disassemble, but there are a few traps for the unwary bike mechanic. Firstly whilst the top and bottom pulleys are interchangeable, they are "handed" so they must go the right way around. Both of them are marked with a U on one side and a L on the other, you need to make sure that they correct letter is facing outward on their respective positions. The bearing dust covers are also different as are the bolt lengths for top and bottom. With all the pieces cleaned and correctly assembled it was time for the chain to get a quick wipe down and re-oil, then the cassette a quick wipe and inspection. With over 4000km on it, the cassette is still working as good as new.


So aside from bedding in the new pads, a good couple of hours fettling and hopefully a happy bike now.


I started preparing for my next project a parts bin special turbo trainer bike.

I put the tyres and tubes on the wheelset


I then cleaned up the 9 speed Sora groupset which was taken off my sons bike (I've now upgraded it to Ultegra)


I'm just waiting for a couple of bits, including the frame! and I'll start building it next weekend.

Sorted out the saddle height on the MTB, taking the ballpark measurements off the other two bikes. Hopefully I've done the clamp bolt up tight enough this time - the saddle slipped nearly two inches on Friday, no wonder it was getting progressively harder to pedal... :laugh:

Also took the bottle cage and frame pump off the road bike and put them onto the MTB as a temporary measure. I'm unlikely to use the road bike until the spring, and in any case, it needs a bit of fettling to sort out a graunchy headset and a front derailleur that apparently has a mind of its own.
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