What Have You Fettled Today?


It's a puzzle ...
It turns out with the worn chain I can just get it to work with the wheel axle at the front of the dropouts. I could really do with putting a half-link in the chain to be able to move the wheel back a bit, but I think I will get away with it for now. I'll buy a half-link soon.

It is nice and quiet with the chain going directly round the ring and sprocket, and no tensioner/derailleur involved. I may eventually decide to use the ss Basso on the road, and the Specialized (with its slightly noisy chain tensioner) on the turbo. I can sort that out later.

Aaaargh - (forgive the pun!) - that has led to a fettling chain reaction which shows no sign of abating!

The chain on the Basso s-s turns out to be badly worn and the sprocket on the bike is badly worn too. I have a replacement sprocket handy and want to put that on before replacing the chain. The rear wheel is one that I took off the Specialized s-s because the freehub needs servicing and the sprocket is worn! The reason I didn't replace the sprocket and service the freehub then was because I had ridiculously overtightened the lockring and broke my chainwhip trying to undo it!

I repaired the chainwhip and promptly broke it again... Now I need to re-repair it before trying what I had intended to do in the first place which is to pour boiling water onto the lockring before trying to undo it. I think that thermal expansion may loosen it enough to get it undone.

Once I have managed to do this I will put a lightly worn chain on, taken from my best bike, and put a new chain on that.

I also discovered that the chain on the Specialized is worn, and found another lightly worn chain that I can replace that with.

I don't like the handlebar on the Basso so that will have to go too. I have a vague memory of there being a spare one in a box in my cellar somewhere so I will go down there to hunt for it once I have sorted out the chainwhip/sprocket/hub/chain problems!

After that I will sort the other chains out and clean all 3 bikes.
Washed my knee support.Replenished my stock of Ibuprofen Twelve Hour Gel


Being used to drops, the relatively wide flat bars on the Dahon feel odd to me and are no fun in the wind.

I use it to commute by train with a ride at either end so my usual approach to mechanical issues when commuting (lock it up, walk home then go back for it) no longer works.

I’ve nearly solved both issues by fitting some bar ends I had in the shed which have tools in them. I’ve put them near the middle of the bars so I can get low- ish and narrow-ish. I’m sure I look a pillock but it does seem to make a difference.


The dogs chew toy
Took front and rear racks off the bike. It's surprising how much lighter the bike feels without them.
Reattached the Pendle using the Bagman with some support struts I made. Didn't like it so went back to using the Carradice Classic bag rack.
Washed the bike.
Got some Topeak alt position cage mounts to fit tomorrow and then I'll be able to carry 2 bottles instead of 1.


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Took my old Puch 3-speed gas pipe hack roadster to work today and gave it an overhaul at dinner time. Wheel bearings, BB, and headset all greased, and dribbled some thin engine oil into the SA hub through the gear selector plunger hole . Luckily the cotter pins came out without a fight when doing the BB, which is a good result on a 45 year old bike! When I got home this evening, I swapped the handlebars and stem over from another donor Puch 3-speed that I recently splashed out a whole pound on, as mine was so rusty the chrome was shedding off in razor sharp flakes. The new ones are just a bit pitted but not flaking. Next job, when I have the time and inclination, is to swap the mudguards, as the ones on the donor are less rusty. I'm running it without any fitted at all for now, tracker bike style!
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On my yacht
You may need a more secure lock... :laugh:
I have an Akita and she has her own stairs out of the boat, so they would need to sneak up in a canoe to steal the bike real quickly and quietly.
If someone is capable of taking it without falling in the Thames or waking the dog up, and is happy taking the risk for a £50 bike, then I think they deserve the bike as an award!


A bit of tinkering with the Dawes Kingpin i bought recently.

Swapped the original saddle for a Brooks B17 I have spare, which really seems to suit this bike both in looks and comfort. Adjusted the chain tension. Readjusted the gears. Adjusted the brakes to try and stop them squealing. Tried cleaning and lubing the chain but it needs a new one. Made and fitted a new front mudflap to replace the shredded remains of the original.

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Bike as bought.

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Today, after the latest batch of tinkering. I'm taking my time over it but it has scrubbed up fairly well so far.
That saddle looks ACE on that bike. What did you use to make the mudflap?
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