What have you bought for the tent today?

I'm also thinking of replacing the pegs, but more of that when I review it.
Always a good idea to have some nice pegs - you of course only need one decent set however many tents you have.

Despite me poopooing your titanium cookwear I plead guilty to having a small number of titanium pegs (the only titanium I have and will be getting) - I got them from china when they were a bit cheaper - yep I hate china but of course pretty much everything comes from there anyway - the pegs I got are clearly exactly the same ones as sold by Planet X, who clearly don't hand forge them in Rotherham. Have also got some nice strong more humble Y section pegs from china.
Both of the types could I reckon form a useful splint for a bust rack, though I don't expect my Tubus things to give way.


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I've had to interrupt Mrs Oldhippy making an indoor homemade pub burger dinner to get the photo.


oo - I really like that - must say i thought maybe you were exaggerating when you said it was like a wok - i just imagined it was a largish frying pan. Have often thought a smallish wok would be great for camping as I eat a lot of stir frys but on camping trips tend not to eat enough veg. Can I ask if you've ever seen any others around?
(PS - very nice of you to let mrs hippy come indoors for the cooking in this increasingly nippy weather)

edit - found this - seems you got a bargain (tho you may be a very old hippy)
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Went camping in the Dales a few weeks back and decided that I need a bigger food bowl to nosh from. I still do 'basic camping'; i.e, keep it simple and not take half the house which seem to be the trend nowadays, so mimimal cooking equipment is a must for me. Looked around the local camping shops and on t'net, nothing really suitable at a decent price. Wandered into Poundland and bought - a stainless steel dog bowl - ! ^_^ Mock ye not; perfect capacity, lightweight, unbreakable and I can cook with it too - ! Result - !:thumbsup:
@Blue Hills IKEA have a kids cooking set that people use bits and pieces from, I’m sure there’s a small frying pan/wok thing in that for pretty cheap.
I’m also keen to see your fabled stove and coffee press set up, I don’t drink proper coffee, I’m just nosey
not a coffee press - espresso - leave it with me - will find details of key bits and try to take a pic next week - seems OK for thread to highlight favourite stuff bought a while ago.
no rush, it’s just out of nosiness
Here you are, it's this, though I paid £3.40


That's just for the cranky looking thing with the legs.

Which isn't that cranky as the arrangement of the connection to the gas cartridge ensures that it stays a certain way up.

If it doesn't stay that way up it's my understanding that you are likely to get rather alarming flaring from those cheap long gas cartridges unless they are connected to a stove with a pre-heat coil.

In addition to that cranky legged thing I use:

One of those cheap long gas cartridges (you can see one in the ad pic) - can be had for £1 or not much more if bought in multiples. They last for ages -god knows how many coffees you can make with one.

A small mini (kinda similar to the pocket rocket I think) Vango stove - screws onto cranky thing.

2 cup Bialleti coffee maker on top of stove

Note that this set up is only used for fast coffees on the road - I use it a fair bit on day rides, night rides - @ColinJ has seen it in action. For cooking I use a different set-up and more conventional gas cartridges.

I also have a small windshield but the coffee making process is so fast with this set-up that I tend to just shield it with my body.

Last used this handy set-up for 4 coffees and some fine Lidl cake in a rural underpass on a night ride from London to Southampton.

all pretty compact and no probs to carry for sensible folk who use panniers. May not fit in a racer's back pocket.

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After years of using rolled up clothes, I got to the point where it was giving me back and neck ache, so I bought a pillow earlier this year.

It's a sea to summit ultralight and is really comfy, I should have done it years ago. It has velcro tabs that lock onto my sea to summit ultralight sleepmat so it doesn't move whilst I'm sleeping.

The stuff sac for the sleeping mat inflates both the mat and the pillow, it takes a little getting used to the technique, but once you have it, it's a real breeze to inflate them.
I have a Sea to Summit pillow and it is excellent
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