What have you bought for the bike today ?


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Bont Riot+ MTB in double wide fit. Direct from Bont as no retailers stock them. I went for black. I tried a pair with blue straps and the gloss finish just didnt sit well with me. Kept thinking Dorothy Wizard of Oz
Those pearl izumi ones look pretty good! The Gore on the other hand look like they are designed for road shoes IMO, you'll end up shredding those in no time, material on those looks pretty thin too. C3's are expensive here and it would hurt to cut them up but thats your call to make.

some sites say that the pear Izumi's are fleece lined and good for temperatures between 0-10'c. Just make sure you got your toe thingys on and you'll probably be ok dipping into the minuses.

The YODZ looks like a close match for the gripgrabs but theres no telling how thick their neoprene is compared to the 4mm of the gripgrab. No reviews on them either so thats a bit of a gamble.

The Pearl Izumi's seem to be the only solid choice.
oh gee that you so much for sorting thru that! Yes. I've been holding off cutting the Giros I have ... 60 bucks is 60 bucks, but I have not used them once. every now & then I do want to wear my cleated MTB shoes w/ the road bike (in weather that's just right for a cover like those), so I think I might just give the PI's a try. thanks again!
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