What cleaning product do you use to wash your bike?


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Whatever dishwashing liquid is in the kitchen. Not concerned by salt levels as the concentration levels would be lower than that sprayed up from gritted winter roads. I rinse thoroughly after washing anyway.

I use an old cloth wrapped around a Cliff Richard CD for the cleaning between the cassette cogs. Who knew there could be a legitimate use for a Cliff Richard recording.:laugh:


Washing up liquid and warm water if it’s muddy, WD40 and a rag if it’s greasy and just Jif floor wipes for a quick summer clean.


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Aldis W5 kitchen degreaser for the drive train.

Muc off and car shampoo or fairy liquid for the rest depending on filth levels


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Muc-off also contains salt
Indeed it does. Ps I wasn't saying I didn't like salty products (just in case I mentioned it above, I didn't mean to)
different stuff for different parts. haven't seen anyone mention the following item: mineral spirits

I will sometimes use this on a shop towel to wipe down the chain & rear derailleur rollers. I pour some on the towel Then use the towel. altho I've read where ppl may pour some in a shallow container, then use a paint brush to apply it in some places. I think I did this with the rear wheel off & lying on it's side, so I could do a nice job on the rear cassette/cogs


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The difference between TFR and stuff like Muc-off is marketing, but it must work because you've got people on here saying they use it! I also use commercial TFR, I can scrounge it from work FOC, so even better! :laugh:
Know i might upset some and Muc-off does work but after buying 20 litres on sale (4x5 litres) last year my own view is its not in my view worth the money as it does not seem to clean any better than washing up liquid or cheap car shampoo.

What i do after a cycle in the rain is spray bike with Muc-off (will revert back to cheap car shampoo when my stock of muc-off is used up)

Then use an old paint brush and do drive chain with heating oil (its only 25p a litre at present) then hose every thing off and using a soft brush clean bike.

Last is dry chain and re oil, in summer i would spend more time and dry and polish bike and spend time taking wheels out etc but this time of year i can have bike sorted and put away in less than 10 minutes


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For me, Muc-off works well on the motorbikes and getting into all the nooks and crannies. Always brings them up looking nice and as I have it on shelf for my motorbike I just use it on the push irons too. I also have Muc - off pressure washer for the motorbike as it’s gentler than the heavy duty karcher ones so again just use on push irons.
I dare say if I ran out of motorbike stuff I would use whatever I bought for that on the cycles too. ACF50 excellent on bikes and smear a bit of that on cycles for a bit of extra winter protection. Never done them any harm
Of it wasn’t on offer I would just use the wife’s Auto Glym :biggrin:
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