What bike type is my bike?


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Hi guys! I just learned how to ride a bike not long ago (I'm 20) and noticed what the fun i was missing! I bought a bike a week ago and so far it's been holding up really well for fun road use, i also think it was a bang for buck.

Thing is I'm not sure what bike type would it be considered to be, I'm leaning more towards mtb but not sure, what do you guys think?
This post has some info on my bike, it's locally assembled.
View: https://www.instagram.com/p/CI8stEUjyfe/?igshid=1p6m9nx177qbn



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It's a hardtail mountain bike with 29 inch wheels (aka a 29er)


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A bargain at two and a half million Paraguayan Guarani.

My calculator informs me that that is about £275 - not bad at all.

Hardtails are very useful for a bit of off-roading but I find them surprisingly capable on the tarmac - so a good all-rounder IMHO.:okay:
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