Wanted: 2 mountain bikes

Both my son and I are hoping Santa might bring us mountain bikes for Christmas. It's looking unlikely we'll source new ones and eBay is slightly overwhelming, so I wondered if there were any elves here that might be able to help?

Me - female, 5'1, stumpy legs. Need XS frame (13" - 14", 33 - 37 cm). I need something that's good but basic. I won't be doing anything flashy, just cycling the trails around us. Never planning to jump off anything. I'd also like it to be a nice colour.

Son - boy, currently 5'2, long legs (SO unfair). Needs S frame (15"-16", 38-42 cm). He needs a better bike than I do as he's braver than I. He's not fussed about the colour.

We are based in Marlborough, Wiltshire. We would travel for the right bikes (Covid-laws permitting obviously).

Thank you! Ho ho ho.


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Look up puffajones on twotter


Hi Cathryn, I have a Trek 3700 Disc in size 16in that my son has grown out of. I think it was 2013 model but mostly it was used for day trips and has been well maintained and looked after. A few rub marks from bike carrier straps. I don't think I can PM you yet, but you might be able to message me if you are interested.
I’m not selling, but it might help to give an idea of budget.
Why is new off the table?
Good point about budget. £500 each would be about right.

New is only off the table as supply is low, I’ve assumed we wouldn’t get one.
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