Wahoo App Not Syncing with Strava

Wayne O

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can anyone help,
have Elemnt gps, normally just uploads ride when connected to wifi, now stopped, when looking at app you simply click on strava, confirm who you are and it uploads, now when clicking on strava in the wahoo app, it keeps saying password or user wrong, clearly it isnt as it has to be the same as your strava details to access and this i can do,

any ideas, Thanks, Wayne,


Same! This morning. Says user password incorrect. I've deauthorised and reauthorised Strava to talk to Wahoo when I had this before and that worked but this time not. I've posted another thread on this asking for help!


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It's been doing that for a while. I might be guessing, but it was about the same time as Strave went for the money instead of mainly free..


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Wahoo are aware there are issues, more for iOS. Log a ticket with their helpdesk

wahoo sent me this

We are aware that a number of users are experiencing connectivity issues on iOS and our development team is actively working on a permanent solution for this. In the interim, please follow the steps below to reset the ELEMNT's connection with the phone. Even if you have previously re-paired your device, please complete these steps exactly in order once again as the ordering is critical to resolving the connection stability

Step 1: Forgetting the ELEMNT Companion in the companion app
  • Open the companion app
  • Select settings
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Unpair ELEMNT
Step 2: Forgetting the phone on the ELEMNT Bolt
  • Power on the ELEMNT Bolt
  • Press the power button to bring up the menu
  • Select forget phone
Step 3: Forgetting the ELEMNT in your phone's Bluetooth settings
  • Open the iOS settings app
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Under my devices, find the ELEMNT and select the info button on the right
  • Select forget this device
  • Repeat these steps for any duplicate listings of the device
  • Important: Toggle the Bluetooth switch at the top of the screen off for 10 seconds, then back on
Step 4: Re-pairing the ELEMNT to your phone
  • Quickly press the left-side button on your ELEMNT to display the menu
  • Scroll (with the right-side buttons) to either "PAIR PHONE" or "FORGET PHONE"
  • Your device may reboot, displaying the QR code when it powers back on
  • If the QR code does not immediately display on reboot, return to the settings menu on the ELEMNT and select "PAIR PHONE" - the QR code should now be shown
  • Return to the ELEMNT Companion App on your device, then navigate to the settings menu to add the ELEMNT

It’s one reason among others why I’ve just sold the Wahoo and gone back to Garmin


Thanks. I don't use element though. I have wahoo sensors paired with wahoo app on my android phone. Any instructions for that?


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Thanks. I don't use element though. I have wahoo sensors paired with wahoo app on my android phone. Any instructions for that?
Message Wahoo yourself, no idea (they usually respond in a couple of days - you could also try doing a search yourself which might take you to a suggestion / solution?)

The OP is about Elemnt.

have you tried resetting/unpairing/uninstalling?
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Vickster - Have done all of this. wait and see I guess now.
I have an Elemnt which is paired to my iPad and and Elemnt Bolt which is paired to my iPhone.

Both devices can connect directly to my home wifi and are configured to automatically upload to Strava and RideWithGps.

Up until a couple of months ago both devices would upload the ride to Strava and RideWithGps over my home wifi as soon as I got home. I used to leave them on the bikes unless they needed charging as there was no need to bring them into the house. I never bothered connecting them to the IOS companion app unless I needed to change a setting, such as which metrics are displayed on the screen pages.

A couple of months ago they both stopped uploading automatically to Strava via wifi. However, they both continued uploading to RideWithGps.

I managed to get the Bolt uploading via wifi by re-authorising the device with Strava via the app on my iPhone. This only fixed the problem for a few rides and then it stopped working again.

I am able to upload rides to Strava from both devices if I connect to either my iPhone or iPad as appropriate , so it’s not the end of the world - just not the seamless experience I was previously enjoying.

Hopefully, Wahoo will get it sorted eventually And my quality of live will improve imperceptibly. :smile:

First world problems huh? :rolleyes:
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