Veganism causing foaming at the mouth in Shropshire...

Hugh Manatee

Am I missing something here? Do farmers not grow vegetables as well?


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Something on TV recently - Tesco rebranding some vegeterian food as vegan with fancy packaging and doubling the price!
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Fab Foodie

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Was she a vegan then? Her stuff was OK, until Heinz bought her out. QED
It matters little whether vegetarian or vegan. It was still mass produced in a large factory long before Heinz bought it. There is no reason why vegan food shouldn’t be either, unless you believe that no food at all should be mass produced in any way shape or form. That’s another argument. Vegan food is just food with certain restrictions at the end of the day.
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There are a lot of people ignorant about food, even vegetarians, some even still think 'Cous cous' is a grain from some plant (It's flour rolled into small balls with some oil that is then sieved and steamed)
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