VAR - good or bad for the game?

Is VAR good for football?

  • Yes - once it's settled down it'll be good for the game

    Votes: 8 36.4%
  • No - it's killing the momentum of games for no real benefit

    Votes: 14 63.6%

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It's absolutely hideous. The very essence of football has been taken away with this abomination. Do they have it at Doncaster Rovers or Prescott Cables stadiums (it is, alright!) No, so why is it a different game once you descend the leagues?

But the main thing is the elimination of the main high of football, the orgasm-like WHOOOSHHHHH of your team scoring. Now, all the spontaneous joy has been stolen as you have to wait until you see what that hatchet-faced bastard-in-the-black is being told in his earpiece.

Now that the game's being officiated remotely, it won't be long until it's played remotely by Singaporean child-Gods from inside air-conditioned studios due to their ability on a games console.


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Anything that makes sport fairer and stops stumpy cheating Argies getting away with hand of god type incidents, is good by me.
You forgot to add, 'druggie,' in there as well. :smile:


Norven Mankey
It is a good thing. However we are in a transition period. VAR has shown that there were lots of previously incorrect decisions when you apply the current rules rigorously. But the current rules weren't designed for such intense scrutiny (offside rule, I'm looking at you). So I think we will see a relaxing in the wording of certain rules, which VAR will then rigorously apply.

I think we will see a change in the offside rule, for example to say that both the attacking players feet must be offside. It tips the balance in favour of the attacker which counteracts the intense VAR scrutiny. I'm sure there will be others
I see Wenger (who has some official capacity in football these days) has come out and said almost the same as this
He's suggesting that so long as any part of the attacker which could score a goal (ie not an arm) is in line with the defender, it isn't offside
There's nothing wrong with VAR determining whether some rule has been broken in scoring a goal. What's wrong is that the current offside rule favours the defender too much
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