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Good afternoon all. I’m looking for some help. I’ve been given a child’s bicycle which appears to be old I’m guessing 1950’s or 60’s? It has a 16 inch frame 18 inch wheels with rod brakes front and rear. I’m hoping to attach some photos ( not the best with modern tech). The bike has been repainted in pink with silver mud and chain guards but it looks like the inside of the guards are a light blue and the frame coating could possibly be dark blue originally. I’ve been told to look for the frame number but not sure where this might be.
All help would be gratefully received.
Many thanks.



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Under the bottom bracket, if there’s a number there. Not sure they numbered child’s bikes.

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Thanks for the help folks , I’ll look under the bottom bracket and check out the Raleigh pages
Mid 60s I think, going on the original paint that's underneath the DIY paint job.

Yours may be a tad earlier, but they made these from the 1940s right until the end of the 60s, and, excepting the paint jobs, they didn't change much, if at all, over those three decades.

They're pretty well much bullet proof though. Mine was a skip find that I rode for a couple of years until I outgrew it, and it didn't get much TLC beyond the most basic of maintenance.
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