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where's me bike
I sold my trike today after all the problems i had, i decided to get rid of it because my wife has had 2 car accidents in 11 months, neither her fault, the first car written off and this one in the menders in peterborough. It made us rethink as this town is getting a bit of a worry regarding cars etc. Also lack of company to trike with as my brother kept making excuses etc Thanks to all who helped me etc, i will be riding my GT Avalanche 3.0 in the future as i picked it up a few weeks ago for £120 in immaculate condition...
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neil earley

Remember the trashed mudguard, I had to straighten it best i could then i started thinking and here we are looking better now with some strong tape

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nice to see your trike taking shape wont be long and you will be riding again
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