Tour de France 2019 **SPOILERS**

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    Lefevre reckons Alaphilippe will not get GC support next year arguing they won't have the team and is sceptical of Bernal, mentioning Ulrich in the same breath
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    The Red Enclave
    My Danish isn't up to reading that but I'd have thought Cunego was a better point of comparison.
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    Interesting with a touch of sour grapes ?'s not like he's not had a successful year as it is.Regardless of his outstanding tour.
    As for Bernal the tour isn't his first win of the year,he's won the Paris Nice and Tour de Suisse this year ! Has anyone else done all three in same year ? Anyway he may not even ride the Tour next year.I really would doubt we've seen the end of his grand tour wins
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    According to Google Translate “We don't have the team [to win the Tour de France next year, ed.]. We will pursue other objectives. Julian [Alaphilippe, ed.] Will not have strong enough teammates to win next year, ”

    In other words, "don't go expecting us to turn into a GC team and trying to take on Ineos because that's not what we're all about". Which seems fair enough. They don't have the cash for a doomed GC project, Ineos have much more money, and DQS are very good at what they're very good at right now.

    As for the Ullrich comparison, that's very odd. Perhaps he thinks Bernal will get fat and start taking cocaine.
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  6. Dayvo

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    Every interview I've seen with Kristoff, he's always blaming someone/something else: given the wrong tyres, too windy or hilly, getting boxed in, not enough help from his team mates or DS, (he even blamed Edvald for not helping him more, when EBH chose to ride for himself instead of his over-inflated egoed(?) compatriot.
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  7. OP
    rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Bernal doesn't look like the sort of bloke to eat all the curried wurst and glug the beers in Oktoberfest like Fat Jan though!
  8. nickyboy

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    These pros need to get with the program

    Will be off for a ride tonight after fuelling with a Tesco knock off KFC bargain bucket (Southern Fried Chicken)

    I can then use this as my excuse for feeling a bit blocked, right?
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    I don't know...
    I’ve got a bit of head pain, too many beers,” Bernal joked to Sporza before the race, admitting he is still struggling to understand that he won the 2019 Tour de France
    Just raced in Belgium and rumoured to be racing with Allaphillipe in San Sebastian.
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    [placeholder for yellow card]
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  11. Fab Foodie

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    ....description of your sex life? :okay:
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    Amusing end to that crit. Bernal was obviously supposed to win, but Evenepoel evidently hadn't got them memo and scorched past a bemused looking Bernal and Laurens de Plus in the final straight. Bernal "won" last night though in Roeselare.
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    I'm guessing it was just a bit of a "exhibition" race ? Great for the fans who could go though.The hype now is about Bernal and Allaphillipe racing San Sebastian.
  14. DP

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    Yes, effectively an exhibition - one of the post-tour crits held in BE and NL. Good fun to watch with 50,000 spectators at the one on Tuesday.

    Usually some local talent gets a go, so my daughter's mate's 20 year old brother gets to ride tonight against Bernal, Kruijswijk, Groenewegen and van Baarle.
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  15. brommers

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    Re. Bernal
    According to Cyclingnews
    He will ride the Roeselare criterium on Tuesday night along with teammate Jonathan Castroviejo. He was reported to be riding the Clasica San Sebastian race on Saturday but revealed in Aalst that he may soon head to Colombia, where he is due to be awarded the Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit by Colombian President Iván Duque.
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