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Thanks for the reply - have been wondering whether to join them for a while - are you a member?

(worries whether this is serious thread drift)
Maybe the mods can split the thread if required.

I joined a couple weeks ago and also signed up to their Association of Lightweight Campers section. I think the C&CC main club is I feel geared towards caravanners and motorhome owners.
It's a hefty price tag admittedly and the savings for members are useless unless camping often but I like the peace of mind of turning up to one of the smaller certified sites and knowing for a fact I won't be turned away for not being a member.
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You're far from alone in that. I know several people with bikes and gear far "superior" to what I ride on...... but it never gets used.
And, Every. Single. Time. I go away, whether for an overnight or longer, I will meet people who express a desire to do what I am doing, but are convinced that they "can't".

I can relate to that.
I changed my job. One of the best things I ever did. Turns out that all those hours weren't just a negative for my touring! :blush: But extreme for many.

I've always thought the most difficult thing to get right in Touring (like a lot of things) is the attitude. There are people who acquire the gear, but never venture off, and there are those that do a long tour and find it hard to climb back on a bike again.

Without meaning to be confrontational, have you ever asked yourself why you haven't gone on a trip?
You've mentioned time, money and weather. All valid. But in a timespan of 8 years, a little difficult to swallow :smile:.
Have you planned a trip? Sometimes just researching a route can be enough to fire up the juices and provide some momentum. is full of journals, some better than others, but many are pure inspiration!

The thing is, and this is the paradox, that once you've done a little tour or 2, you'll understand exactly why you want to do it. The only problem is getting the first one under your belt.

Good Luck!
I have toured the Lakes with all the wrong kit... 60litre rucksack, carrier bags bungied to the pannier racks and a road map that showed no gradients.

Doing the Way of the Roses is what i bought the kit for, which is a bit more than one night... i have toyed with a couple of one nighters (up to the source of the Lune, the old Hornby Road between Roeburndale and Slaidburn)... but i guess one thing I'm really good at is procrastinating.


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The Netherlands
Not picking an argument hobbes (I always value your posts) but why should the bit of the planet matter? If OSM maps are weak there, it will affect a lot of other devices. Other bought maps are available for Garmins. Presumably the Garmin Etrex 20 can see the sky as well as it can in Europe or its US home? And surely it will still function as a straight line pointer, or provide a bread trail highlight to be followed back?
When I wrote that I had 2 specific points in mind, and one more general.
First of all the maps (which as you rightly pointed out for OSM are used across multiple devices). Are the maps suitable for what the chap has in mind?
Second was the satellite coverage/reception (may or may not be a factor - I have no idea)
The general point I had in mind is that the more specific the needs (and in this case there are very specific needs) the more specific should be the research. It's not a bad idea to have a good think about how you want to use a device like that and to check that it actually works the way that you expect it.

The other thing that may be handy for pedals and crank as a back up to the Garmin is a 7 inch android tab with the OSMand app on it - offline maps using the same OSM data which give you the bigger picture. The plus version of that app gives you as many maps as you want for life.

It's also another GPS of course.

The Etrex 20x and android tab together will cost less than many more-promoted more expensive garmins.

Of course maps in the outback may be a tad sparse.


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In March I drove from Swindon to Inverness, rode 400 miles then drove back. It was a wonderful ride but all that driving was tiring and very expensive.

My tip - If time is a factor consider exploring your local area.


my top touring tip is to actually do the tour.

I joined CC eight years ago looking for some touring tips. I got the pannier racks, the panniers, the small pack tent, the downmat sleeping mat and the frame thing that makes it into a seat, the tangia-a-like stove, and pretty much everything else. It's all ready and packed into the panniers so i can just clip 'em on and go... but i haven't actually gone anywhere. :blush:
Easy to say but I think some people over- plan - either to the point where they almost believe they've already 'done the trip' or start being afraid it might never live up to their grandiose expectations - or not be like the edited highlights of other peoples journeys.

Expect to be tired, bored, underwhelmed at some points, get wet, and p*ss*d off at other motorists now and then -

Touring is just like any other cycling - not perfect all of the time - but there will be highlights that stay with you for ever- and if you go slightly underprepared - you also get to experience the delights of other humans helping you out at unexpected moments.

For instance I've been scooped up by a lovely lady who drove me to a Calmac ferry that i would have otherwise missed - whilst trying to mend a puncture on a windy roadside.
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Have a cheery song to sing when its raining -

" Bring me Sunshine - in your smile"

Is one of my faves - rather unsurprisingly - I usually go by myself ..
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When completeley out blonde in mini skirt for directions...also works when not lost at all :?:
i stopped and asked a group of builder blokes for the quickest route to .... Somewhere in Yorkshire.

The Irish one did actually say
" ooo, now, i wouldn't start from here"

I really hope he was sending himself up .


You could sing "Why does it always rain on me..."
I could that too..
But given that it mostly seems to be sunny when I ride, that might appear a tad ungrateful, not to mention inaccurate.

I also rather favour.

"Lord - won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?? "

I even went so far as to learn the second verse..

You don't want to be petering out of material, half way past the road works.. Gotta keep the road fixing guys entertained :smile:
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