Time Trial PB's

I used to train on the old K37/10 Hollywood bypass (long since defunct due to traffic lights). If three HGVs passed in quick succession, I could be doing 30mph up a slight rise with very little effort. There is a reason that open events on such courses sell out at the drop of a hat - they offer a far higher chance of a PB (or sudden messy death) than a quiet course.


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I thought it was an open secret that the reason why a 'fast course' is fast is because it is busy and riders are drafting traffic! (They may not be riding directly behind vehicles but a vehicle some way up the road or overtaking can still offer significant help to a rider. Even at my modest riding speed, I noticed the help that passing vehicles were giving me yesterday in windy conditions.
I said "you are not supposed too"


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So it's been a good season for me for TTs, met my season goals: PBing a 10m and riding under an hour on a 25. My final goal was to ride a 50 with no specific time aim I also achieved this and as it was a "fast course" :-) I managed just under the 2h mark! Now taking a break from the bike, in part forced by work and illness (just a horrible cold).

Wondering about next year... one year older but could I be faster... hmmm
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