Theft of bikes from Laggan Wolftrax


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Thieves have broken into the premises at Laggan Wolftrax (about 35 miles east of Fort William) and stolen over £50,000 worth of bikes.

Twenty bikes worth a total of more than £50,000 have been stolen from premises at a Cairngorms mountain bike trail.
Eight hire bikes were stolen from a community enterprise at Laggan Wolftrax Visitor Centre and 12 from The Wee Bike Hub bike shop, also at the centre.
Thieves cut power to the centre in the incident which happened overnight on 15 and 16 January.
Laggan Forest Trust said lockdown demand for bikes would make it hard for it to replace the stolen hire bikes.
Eight of its Polygon Siskiu T8 bikes, estimated to be worth £12,800, were stolen between 23:00 on 15 January and 03:00 on 16 January.
At the same time, 12 bikes of various makes and models and estimated to be worth a total of £39,500, were stolen from The Wee Bike Hub along with £3,100-worth of clothing.

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Just read that and was about to post it here. As I am not a MTBer, I have no idea how common the T8 bikes are but the more people that know about the theft, the harder (hopefully) they will be to sell.
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This is by no means the first theft from Laggan. They need to beef up their security a bit I think. No idea what they currently have but clearly not enough.


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Fairly well organised I would suggest.
Cutting the power supply to disable the alarm, I would have thought the alarm would sound anyway in case of a power failure?
Also having vehicles to carry 20 bikes & clothing etc... 🤔
I have friends who have businesses & they can watch their cameras from anywhere on their mobile phones!
I smell a ... 🐀


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We can watch our house from Mrs D's mobile phone. It gives movement alerts, and when triggered also records video to thrnphone in case any intruders streal the camera conteol unit. If power goes down it sends an alert. For less than a one-er.


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Be a bit like all those one arm bandits in pubs that get broken into overnight, the cover for the cash box and rear panels usually look like a small nuclear explosion occurred, yet remarkably neither the landlord, or his nasty German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Doberman/Pit Bull type beast heard a thing and slept through the lot, I think there’s more to this than meets the eye, but feel for anyone who had a bike in for repair that’s lost it now.
The estimated value of bikes taken seems a bit on the high side too, average price of £3,600 each is a bit warm
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