The Ultimate Jeremy Corbyn Thread


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He's a back bencher who once led his party... let it go.

Theresa May has done far more damage during her career but no-one seems bothered about her legacy.


Theresa May has done far more damage during her career but no-one seems bothered about her legacy.
Treasonous May's only legacy will be to have nearly screwed up Brexit and nearly screwed up what should have been a walkover general election that almost resulted in Comrade Corbyn's barmy lefty policies being inflicted on this country.
Believe me, plenty of people are bothered about May, and just wish she had quietly buggered off into retirement at the last general election. If she had any integrity she would have stepped down and walked away from political life.
I think Corbyn's crimes are a little worse than bullying.
And his leader has acted as a result, not ignored it completely like that oaf Johnson, leading to a bully being let off and an honourable man resigning.

Corbyn is soo last year dahling, unlike Patel who is the future of the Tory party.
Never had you down as a Corbynista Rusty.
Not normally, but if the only alternative is the Tories he'll get my vote every time.

I never really disagreed with his policies, just his complete incompetence, unintelligence, and ability to turn off the electorate.

Luckily there are enough sensible left-wing politicians in the Labour Party to have reined in the wilder fantasies of some of his supporters, if he had ever got into power.
Michael Foot and Tony Benn were as passionate and, probably, as similarly misunderstood by the general public.
I agree with that, but they also had the advantage of being very intelligent and original thinkers. Benn was never party leader however, and Foot wasn't thrust into leadership by the 'momentum' of an influx of new opportunists into the party.

Some things Foot had in common with Corbyn were that he was principled, not a populist or a clown, and did not fit the identikit picture the tabloid press like in a politician.
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