The Retirement Thread


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I like YouTube videos but often seem to end up with a glass of whisky and Bruce Springsteen at full the neighbours say!
How'd you manage that?


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I have risen.

Appointment today with a professional to discuss this problem that's been upsetting me. Didn't sleep very well and feel sick.


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Another nice hot day here, changed hotels a few days ago to something more upmarket halfway up a mountain and with an amazing sea view, but better than that the best breakfast buffet ever. The kids have just gone off to do a paragliding jump off of a very high mountain, I was going to do it but managed to come up with some good excuses just in time. Back home on Monday morning and we are going to try and bring some sunshine and warmth back with us. Still on same notch on the belt, just with a tad more hanging over the top, clothes shopping is nearly finished, 3 top quality Hugo Boss polo shirts for £20 and really nice stretch denim jeans for a tenner,my wardrobe back home is full of clothes from the place.

Anyways enough about me I hope you all have a great day.
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