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Ahem, does that mean gender-free in Dutch?
Just as I retired, the headteacher at the school where I worked had a brilliant idea. The way to combat misbehaviour in the students' toilets was to make them gender-free ... and with no door between the corridor and the toilets.

This meant that only the most private business was out of sight; any adult could enter to check behaviour; and loiterers were spotted straight away.

Hit the local press and then the Daily Fail for the next week. Then it worked brilliantly: no damage, no graffiti, no misbehaviour. And in terms of gender issues, ahead of its time.

So I'm all for gender-free toilets.


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Humble apologies for not taking a Fridays Tour on this particular cycle path. But you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be going there one day if i have anything to do with it ...


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