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It's a bit more complicated than that...
Well, most of them aren't yet, but we will be soon. We've got a couple of days sightseeing around touristy bits of the Netherlands (staying tomorrow night in Gouda) before we leave our car and take off towards Antwerp and the BE/NL border on the bike.

Most of them join us next weekend, at which point this thread is available for all of those bits of reportage that don't come under the heading of "what goes on tour stays on tour".


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Look, we now have a shiny red sticker so it's an Official Fridays Thread!
Today I shall be checking the route and checking the bike. On The Tour I'm an Ortlieb panniers type of fellow, with the tools in a saddlepack for easy access. This idea I shamelessly copied from @ianmac62
Also a strong shopping bag on the rack to carry any food needed during the day and to be used on arrival at the accommodation to carry all the bags away from the bike in one go.

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Test ran my first intended set-up yesterday and it's perfect. @mmmmartin gonna have to steal the shopping bag idea with pride!


Away next few days but looking forward to getting ready to roll Friday evening fir Saturday's ride over to Dover.

Only 5 more sleeps :hyper::hyper::hyper::hyper::hyper:


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Posted here and in the private convo:
https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16392818 is a route between the port and Dover railway station. (This is going to the station rather than from it, but it is very accurate.)
Getting from Dover station to the port is not easy. And there are hundreds of enormous lorries thundering past. Do follow this route, it's about 15 minutes and you're more likely to be alive at the end of it.I suspect you might wish to gather at the station and go en masse. Up to you, obvs. Some of you may be familair with this route, if not I suggest you follow Mark.

On the 2pm ferry there are:
@Nick Saddlesore
@Snail Bait
@Ian at fleet
Mark & sarah
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It's a bit more complicated than that...
The weather is perfect for cycling, and for mooching around towns. So we've done that. The bike will be extracted from its temporary travelling garage tomorrow. Stena is much more pleasant if you get there early than very late, even if Bobby McFerrin at 6:30 is still too early. Our cabin had a minibar, the restaurant did a mean G&T and the car deck was peppered with old Rollers, Bentleys and Jags - very elegant.

And Dutch Freeview in the hotel has BBC Radio 3 on channel 844. How civilised is that?


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Oh bugger. Trust you can find another bike to ride, and a moment for the form. There's a name missing at the moment from mmmmartin's lists.
OK I think I have done it.

Wasn't actually planning to bring that one anyway. Kaffenback is most likely, unless I get round to fixing the old Trek.
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In Other News I have replaced a gear cable. And cleaned the bike. My life is so busy I find it hard to keep up. Haven't done any packing yet. Need to check the weather forecast to see if I need to pack the infamous yellow Rainlegs.
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