The CC Trig Point bagger thread, now incorporating other interesting geographs

Saturday 7th November

Parish Boundary Stone
Boston Spa Road (A659)
Newton Kyme



These are the houses in the background;
Wife & I have a trip to York tomorrow
Daughter has to go in to University, to see a Lecturer

She's got a new car, & isn't used to it yet so didn't fancy driving there..... and it's my day off.....
(wife is a co-director/owner of her company, so can work from home, or just via phone)

Thus, there may be a few additions here, dependant on what we do, whilst waiting for the "Can You Pick Me Up?" call
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Wednesday 25th

One of the 'York Lucky Cats
York Glass Ltd
The Shambles


Wednesday 25th

A diversion on the return journey for dinner....
(then no signs to get back to the A64, despite being about a mile from the eastern side, where it becomes single-carriageway again)



EDIT; Wednesday 2nd @ 19:33

Quite curiously, there's 2 branches in Barnsley
Am I wrong in thinking, they'll just assume it's a soggy Findus Crispy Pancake?
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