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Did you miss the "both" bit?
So a partial privatisation of democracy. Oh well that's fine then.


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All I can say is the talks are as Strong and Stable as I expected them to be... I do find it amusing when the leavers (workmates and family) have a moan about how it seems to be going, or not going... looking to blame everyone except those who voted the leave. I just smile and remind them that Mrs May is going to get the best deal possible.
I didn't say that.
Sorry I'm just going by "The media have to do their job and hold the government to account," to which I'd say their job is to report the facts. It's the Opposition's job to hold government to account (actually it's Parliament's job and talk of back benchers revolting is missing the point that they are also doing this job).

Overall I'm a little dismayed that pre-referendum we had every major party opposing Brexit but now it's being left to the Guardian.


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I would say it's more of a by-product and only when it suits them.

But this is a bit of a distraction from the topic, sorry.
It's clearly not perfect but IMO I'd rather they were there than not.

We are going on a tangent,my point was really that the media have every right to report on this without being blamed for damaging negotiations.

IMO that's an excuse.

The media didn't appear overnight, the Brexiteers should have taken into account that any negotiations would take place under immense scrutiny.
If anyone listens to the Now Show, their 'David Davis, Master Negotiator' skits were great.
Fact check: It was Deadringers (same timeslot and podcast, though).

I wasn't that aware of David Davis, so didn't really get it the time, but it's spot on. Every thing I hear about him could well be prefaced by "David Davis, Prime Minister, your brexit bulldog.



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This isn't game of poker, they know what our cards are and we know theirs.
I am afraid I do not have that much faith in our Politicians. IMHO, no-one foresaw a "leave" vote, and, no-one had the slightest idea of the in-depth implications of such a vote.


The media have to do their job and hold the government to account, without scrutiny, god only knows what we would end up with.
Given the job which much of the Media did during the Referendum campaign that thought does not fill me with optimism.[/QUOTE]
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Are you happy with what was agreed last week? Do you feel that the playing secret meant that she got a great deal for leavers? Or perhaps maybe a better policy with consensus and oversight would have agreed upon a strategy that would have been beneficial? The EU did this. They were very open as to their aims. And then they walked all over us.
The short answer is, No, I am not happy with the situation, but then as I said in the beginning, I did not vote "leave".

Since no country has, as yet, left the EU, after joining it, then, this is clearly uncharted waters. The other EU countries clearly have several advantages:

- there are more of them
- they are simply defending the existing agreement, not making a whole new playing field
- they may or may not have superior talent on their "side", but, I would doubt it, Politicians are Politicians, no matter what their Nationality.

However, IMHO, there is no-one who wishes to pick up this poison chalice.

As I see it, Mrs May is not leader because she is the best candidate, she is leader, and (almost) in power because no-one else wants it.

- Labour (who were pro-EU, before the referendum) do not want to have to deal with this mess, far easier to snipe from the sidelines and wait to move in for the kill when it all goes horribly wrong.
- While there are, I am sure, Tories sharpening their knives, no-one with any sense is going to pounce at present, why not let the present incumbents dig themselves in even deeper?
- the remaining "opposition" parties are simply a sideshow, none of them have any credible solution(s).
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