The 2020 Monthly Metric Century (100 km) Ride Challenge.


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Costa Clyde.
This thread is only for the logging of your qualifying ride.


To log a ride, add a post containing all of your 2020 metric centuries to date. One ride per line, with the date, distance, short route description, and any links you want to add. Do not post just a link.

You can add links to Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, Endomondo etc if you wish, but these are not mandatory.

Photos, maps, and subjective thoughts on the ride or the challenge in general should go elsewhere, for example The Metric Century (100KM) A Month Challenge ChatZone

See this thread for examples.

The rules, such as they are, are as follows:
  • You must complete at least one ride of least 100km (a metric century) in each calendar month. If you miss a month then you are out of the challenge until next year.
  • The 100km must be in a single ride. Breaks for meals, repairs, sightseeing, etc. are allowed, but not several completely separate rides.
  • There is an optional points competition. You get one point for each complete 100km ridden as part of the challenge. So one point for a 100km ride, two for a 200km ride, three for 300km and so on. You cannot carry over distance from one ride to the next: Two separate 150km rides would be two points, not three. Keep a running total of your points in your ride log if you wish.
  • You may join the challenge in any month during the calendar year (since the idea is to provide motivation to complete at least one 100km ride per month, every month), but you can only join once per calendar year (since a key element of the challenge is to encourage consistency). i.e. If you miss a month, you should wait until the following calendar year to rejoin. Obviously, January is the best month to join, because that's the only way you can claim a full calendar year.
Please post your rides each month by adding an entire new post to the thread on each occasion.

Good luck all.


Convoi Exceptionnel
Quedgeley, Glos.
1 Jan: Quedgeley-Frampton-Frocester-Cam Green-Dursley-Tetbury-Dursley-Cam Pitch-Berkeley-Slimbridge-Frampton-Quedgeley (102.9 km).
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3rd - 112.7km / 2,230m (Ribblehead, Hardraw, Carperby, Kidstones Pass, Arncliffe, Austwick, Keasden)
5th - 112.6km / 2,160m (Stainforth, Halton Gill, Grassington, Gargrave, Eldroth, High Bentham)
8th - 112.6km / 1,840m (Wray, Quernmore, Brock Mill, Beacon Fell, Waddington, Wigglesworth, Eldroth)
10th - 112km / 1,650m (Austwick, Ribblehead, Mallerstang, Tommy Lane, Sedbergh, Cowan Bridge)
N Somerset
January 2020
Sat 11th
225km 2353m GWR Chalke and Cheese 200km Audax Home-Bristol-Warmley-Bath-Warminster-Boyton-Wilton-Broad Chalke-Shaftesbury-Gillingham-Bruton-Wells-Wedmore-Cheddar/Gorge-West Harptree-Pensford-Keynsham-Warmley 2pts
Sat 25th
100km 683m ACB Jack and Grace 100km Audax Aztec West-Olverston-Littleton upon Severn-Berkeley-Frampton upon Severn-Epney-Whitminster-Stonehouse-Cam-Tortworth-Cromhall-Tytherington-Almondsbury 1pt
Sun 26th
118km 443m BCG Weston Loop Home-Backwell-Congresbury-Loxton-Mark-Highbridge-Burnham on Sea-Brean-Uphill-Weston super Mare-Hewish-Yatton-Backwell-Home 1pt
Total 4pts
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13.01 103k/1382m vertical gain; CLW, Cadsden, Wendover, Albury, Chipperfield, WFJ incl two short rides to/from railway stations
18.02 100k/508m vertical gain; SW6, Windsor Farm Shop, SW6
01.03 102k/483m vertical gain; SW6, Chobham, SW6
11.03 133k/702m vertical gain; SW6, WGP, Taplow, Chobham, SW6
17.03 108k/911m vertical gain; SW6, Newdigate, SW6
26.04 107k/1009m vertical gain: SW6, Chipstead, Reigate Hill, Rusper, Epsom, SW6
05.05 107k, 1115m vertical gain: SW6, Pebble Hill, Rusper, Epsom, SW6
07.05 114k, 1323m vertical gain: SW6, Whitedown Lane, Rusper, SW6
08.05 to 28.05 10 more rides exceeding 100k, all on Strava if anyone is curious (why should they be?) or doubtful!
02.06 138k/1687m v gain: SW6, Surrey Hills, SW6
07.06 118k/1383m v gain: SW6, Farthing Down, Ide Hill, Edenbridge,SW6
09.06 133k/1722m v gain: SW6, Whitedown, Abg Common, Gomshall, Cranleigh, Peaslake, Cldhbr, Dorking, Cobham, SW6
14.06 113k/1413m v gain:SW6, Caterham, Toys Hill, Bletchley, Sutton, SW6
22.06 126k,1421m v gain: SW6, dwn Box Hill, Dorking, Ranmore Common, dwn White Down, Water Lane, Ockley, SW6.
24.06 1116k, 708m v gain: SW6, WGP, Chobham, SW6
06.07 101k, 755m v gain: SW6 6E, Brockham, Charlwood, L'head, SW6
14.07 108k, 1172m v gain: SW6, Holmbury Hill, SW6
20.07 111k, 1511m v gain: UWL, Star Hill, Ide Hill, Cowden, SUO
23.07 115k, 476m vertical gain: SW6, Laleham, WGP, Chobham, SW6
28.07 101k 1211m v gain; SW6, Bolney, GTW
02.08 121k, 1037m v gain: GTW, Stan's Cycle Shack, Th Farm, SW6
18.08 115k, 604m vertical: SW6, Windsor, Chobham, SW6
23.08 106k,1145m vertical; feeder ride to WIM then from CSS to Charlwood and return to SW6
01.09 115k,1052m vertical:SW6, WGP, Cinnamon Cafe, Chobham, SW6
03.09 105k,1145m vertical: SW6 to WOK (43k) then BSK to Sherfield English (63k)
06.09 117K, 1418m vertical: SW6, Th Farm, Rusper, Capel Leatherhead,Cobham, SW6
09.09 141K, 1118m vertical; SW6, Ascot, Littlewick Green
20.09 116k, 1125m vertical: SW6, Charlwood, SW6
22.09 108k, 1097m vertical: SW6, Peaslake, SW6
24.09 101k, 519m vertical:SW6, Windlesham, SW6
01.10 130k, 1121m vertical: home, Walliswood, home
07.10 115k, 1172m vertical: home, Mole St, home
09.10 101k, 1081m vertical, home, Walliswood, BH, EWW
13.10 103k, 1019m vertical: home, Mole St, Box Hill, EWW
30.11 101k, 416 vertical: home, Laleham, Chobham,home
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