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Sunny Radcliffe
With my back feeling better, not yet 100% but good enough for a low level ride. Set off for a gentle ride to see number three daughter, at a social distance I may add, then continued on through Leigh and Hindley to Blackrod, cracking clear views across the West Pennine Moors. Up to the Blundell Arms with sweat in my eyes, too many layers, then got cold on the fast descent into Bolton just can't seem to get it right this time of year. Back home with 57 sunny Kms and another point.


I've run away with my friends to..
...New Tealandia
I decided to say ‘stuff the unpacking, paint and putting shelves up’ and took the Genesis for a spin. An old favourite route from when I lived in West Earlham, in fact I passed the end of my old road. Couple of small errors on the route but it’s been well over 5 years since I have ridden that route. I loved it.

The weather is pants for the next few days. I needed a ride. Very pleased to have moved back to Norwich.

Noodle Legs

Powered by cake and caffeine........
Another 2 points in the bag with yet another meander around the Peak District- three big climbs (and others!) achieved. Very cold and foggy conditions as I got further north around Hathersage, back down towards Bakewell it was 10 degrees warmer and sunny!
Had a little potter down the Monsal Trail as well to give my noodle legs a break from the relentless climbing but then finished off with another climb into Stanton in Peak. I definitely went the right way there- 13% it topped out at but coming back down the other side it was 25%! Not good for descending fast with the road conditions but glad I didn’t have to climb it!
13 rider

13 rider

Crap week, Mum died on Wednesday, it was expected but still crap. Mrs Domus had appointment for her cataracts but her diabetes has put the op in doubt. Both of us depressed. Forced myself out this morning to try to clear my head and blow some cobwebs away. Another point in the bag and life must go on.
My condolences to you and your family @Domus. So glad a ride can help at a difficult time
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