The 2019 Metric Century (100km) A Month Challenge


Perhaps This One.....
This thread is only for the logging of your qualifying ride.


To log a ride, add a post containing all of your 2019 metric centuries to date. One ride per line, with the date, distance, short route description, and any links you want to add. Do not post just a link.

You can add links to Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, Endomondo etc if you wish, but these are not mandatory.

Photos, maps, and subjective thoughts on the ride or the challenge in general should go elsewhere, for example The Metric Century (100KM) A Month Challenge ChatZone

See this thread for examples.

The rules, such as they are, are as follows:
  • You must complete at least one ride of least 100km (a metric century) in each calendar month. If you miss a month then you are out of the challenge until next year.
  • The 100km must be in a single ride. Breaks for meals, repairs, sightseeing, lollygagging etc. are allowed, but not several completely separate rides.
  • There is an optional points competition. You get one point for each complete 100km ridden as part of the challenge. So one point for a 100km ride, two for a 200km ride, three for 300km and so on. You cannot carry over distance from one ride to the next: Two separate 150km rides would be two points, not three. Keep a running total of your points in your ride log if you wish.
  • You may join the challenge in any month during the calendar year (since the idea is to provide motivation to complete at least one 100km ride per month, every month), but you can only join once per calendar year (since a key element of the challenge is to encourage consistency). i.e. If you miss a month, you should wait until the following calendar year to rejoin. Obviously, January is the best month to join, because that's the only way you can claim a full calendar year.
Please post your rides each month by adding an entire new post to the thread on each occasion:okay:

Good luck all
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Convoi Exceptionnel
Quedgeley, Glos.
1 Jan: Quedgeley-Hartpury-Tewkesbury-Bredon-Pershore-Strensham-Tewkesbury-Hartpury-Quedgeley (plus loop around the estate!) (101.4km)


02.01 104k, at 22.3 kph, 570m v gain; SW6, Sunningdale, Warren Row, WNR
12.01 102k, at 20.8kph, 1028m v gain; SW6; Cobham, Walliswood, EWW
06.02 108k, at 19.4kph, 1030m vertical gain; SW6, Cobham, Peaslake, W Clandon, SW6
16.02 113k at 21,2kph, 1026m vertical gain; SW6, Cobham, Warnham, F&N, EWW
19.02 109k at 20.5kph, 1048 m vertical gain; SW6, Cobham, Whitedown, Horsham, EWW
21.03 113k at 21.2kph, 894m vertical gain; SW6, Fair Oaks, Dockenfield, Alton, Easton
29.04 116k at 22.3kph, 453m vertical gain; SW6, Bushy Park, WGP, Cheapside, WonTh, SW6
10.05 110k at 21.4kph, 548m vertical gain; SW6, WGP, Chobham, SW6
14.05 112k at 21.9kph, 658m verucal gain; SW6, Eff, Fairoaks Airport, SW6
18.05 108k at 19.9kph, 1133m vertical gain; GTW, Lindfield, Charlwood, Box Hill, EWW
22.05 103k at 20.4kph, 872m v gain; SW6, Dorking, Smallfield, Outwood, SUO
04.06 118k at 22.0kph, 777m vertical gain; SW6, Old School Cafe, WGPark, Addlestone
06.06 129k at 19.8kph, 1768m vertical gain; SW6, Brighton, Fulking, HHE
09.06 103k at 21.8kph, 858m vertical gain; ORP, Lingfield, Betchworth, EWW
11.06 117.8 at 21.2kph, 1171m vertcal gain: home, KGV, Rudgwick, Box Hill, EWW
15.06 127.0k at 22.3kph,867m vertical gain; home, Cobham, Elstead, Ripley, home
20.06 111k at19.8kph, 1255m v gain; SUO, Crowhurst, Ednbridge, Penshurst, Forest Row, HLY plus two feeder rides
27.06 118k at 22.6kph, 920m vertical gain; SW6, Brockham, Alford, LHD
03.07 105 at 20.4kph, 774m vertical gain; home, Ifield, Ashtead
11.07 111k at 18.5kph, 885m vertical gain; N and S banks of the river Stour and Vale of Dedham
13.07 105k at 22.3kph, 868m vertical gain; SW6, Cobham, F&N, Box Hill, EWW
21.07 103.2k at 21.5kph, 1276 vertical gain: Big Wheel sportif, out of Basingstoke
15.08 113k at 21kph, 1153 vertical gain; UWL,Hever, Sissinghurst, Headcorn, Marden
25.08 124k at 25,2kph, 613m vertical gain; SW6 to Windsor and back by indirect routes
07.09 101k at 21kph, 1445m vertical gain; UWL, Srar Hill, Ide Hill, Forest Row, RDH plus 2 feeder rides, total 111k,
11.09 114k, at 21.8kph, 869m vertical gain: SW6, Fair Oaks, Cranleigh, DKG
30.09 107k, at 21.8kph, 467m vertica gain; AMR, W'over, Aylesbury, Cottismore, BCR
05.10 109k, at 20.0kph,1340m gain; GTE, Ditchling. Brighton, Wineham, GTW
24.11 110k at 22.8kph. 655m vertical gain; SW6, WGP, Hurley, Warren Row, WNR
28.11 108k at 21.5kph, 600m vertical; SW6, WGP, Chobham, SW6
07.12 102k at 21.2kph, 663m vertical gain: a feeder ride then SUR, Cobham, P Lacey, Ripley, Fetcham, SW6 .
21.12 105.5, 20kph, 727v m gain: SW6, Cobham, Byfleet, Cobham, SW6
28.12 126.5k at 21.0kph, 930m v gain: SW6, Cobham, Seale, Ripley, SW6
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N Somerset
January 2019
Weds 9th
102km 855m Somerset Home-Backwell-Congresbury-Burrington Coombe-Priddy-Wookey-Glastonbury-Wedmore-Congresbury-Backwell-Home 1 pt

Cumulative 1 point
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N Somerset
January 2019
Weds 9th
102km 855m Somerset Home-Backwell-Congresbury-Burrington Coombe-Priddy-Wookey-Glastonbury-Wedmore-Congresbury-Backwell-Home 1 pt
Sat 12th
GWR Chalke and Cheese 200km Audax 210km 2250m Bristol/Warmley- Rode-Boynton-Wilton-Broad Chalke-Shaftesbury-Gillingham-Wincanton-Glastonbury-Wedmore-Cheddar Gorge-West Harptree-Pensford-Keynsham-Bristol/Warmley 2pts

Cumulative 3 points
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