The 2019 Half Century (50km or 50 mile) a month Challenge

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THIS THREAD IS FOR RIDE REPORTS ONLY - discussions should take place over in the 2019 chatzone

There were already challenge threads for monthly imperial centuries (100 mile rides) and metric centuries (100 km or 62.14 mile rides). I thought it would be a nice idea to come up with an easier challenge for those who don't have the time, energy or inclination to do the longer rides so @ColinJ created the half century challenge in 2015. It was a success, so by popular request, it will take place again every year from now on

Your challenge is to do at least one half century ride every calendar month of the year. You can arbitrarily choose to do 50 km (31.07 mile) or 50 mile rides in any given month depending on how you feel at the time, what the weather is like, and how much free time you have. If you fail to do one or the other, then your challenge has come to an end and will have to be restarted later. If you start off on one of the century challenges, but fail for some reason, you can always drop down into this challenge and keep on going!

You can start when you like, but (in keeping with the other 2 challenges) a bronze star can be awarded for those who do a half century every month from January to December. (The imperial century riders get a gold star, and the metric century riders get a silver star. These are small graphics which can be displayed in the signature line under your posts.)

If you would like to keep a points tally, award yourself 1 point for a 50 km ride, 2 points for 50 miles, 3 points for 100 km or 4 points for 100 miles, 5 points for 200km**, 6 points for 150 miles**. Obviously one ride can only score one lot of points. (** Added 25th June 2017)

I suggest an extra challenge for those of us who want to keep track of points - try and beat your previous best points tally. If this is your first go at the half century challenge, look at how the points are calculated and set yourself a realistic challenge (12 points would be the minimum that you could score if you completed one half century ride per month.)

I hope that this challenge is feasible for most of you. I know that 100+ km can seem an awfully long way for many cyclists, so perhaps 50+ km would be a more approachable challenge.

The imperial century riders use one system for reporting their rides but we have adopted a different one. Each ride merits a brief report in this thread including: Date of ride, distance ridden, route taken, number of points earned (if you are bothering to keep track of them), elevation gain on ride (if you want to track that).

For ride reports after the first one, take a copy of your previous ride report post and put that in a new post with details of your latest ride added after that. [For riders who do a lot of long rides, that could mean reposting a lot of long posts. You might like to just update your ride reports at the end of each month instead?]

Optionally, finish each report post with your accumulated distance, and/or points and/or elevation gain for the year so far. Take a look at THIS PAGE from the 2015 thread and you will get the idea.

Enjoy the challenge! :okay:

The Bystander

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January :
1st Walgrave, Old, Foxhall, Harrington, Arthingworth, Kelmarsh, Haselbech, Naseby, Kelmarsh, Harrington, Lamport, Old, home 56.3km / 1 point


Sunny Radcliffe
January 1 Home to Chorlton, group ride inc pub stop in Mobberley, return home from Chorlton 87.4 Kms 2 points
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13 rider

Jan 3rd 31.2 miles 1 point
Anstey ,Cropston ,Rothley ,Cossington ,Sileby ,Seagrave ,Wymeswold ,Hoton ,Barrow ,Mountsorrel ,Anstey
Jan 5th 31.3 miles 1 point
Anstey ,Newtown Linford ,Woodhouse Eaves ,Quorn ,Barrow ,Seagrave ,Sileby ,Rothley ,Swithland ,Anstey
Jan 6th 50.1 miles 2 points
Anstey ,Cossington ,Thrussington ,Rearsby ,Gaddesby ,Saxileby ,Willoughby ,Wymeswold ,Barrow ,Anstey

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