The 2018 Metric Century (100km) A Month Challenge


Perhaps This One.....
This thread is only for the logging of your qualifying ride.


To log a ride, add a post containing all of your 2017 metric centuries to date. One ride per line, with the date, distance, short route description, and any links you want to add. Do not post just a link.

You can add links to Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, Endomondo etc if you wish, but these are not mandatory.

Photos, maps, and subjective thoughts on the ride or the challenge in general should go elsewhere, for example The Metric Century (100KM) A Month Challenge ChatZone

See this thread for examples.

The rules, such as they are, are as follows:
  • You must complete at least one ride of least 100km (a metric century) in each calendar month. If you miss a month then you are out of the challenge until next year.
  • The 100km must be in a single ride. Breaks for meals, repairs, sightseeing, lollygagging etc. are allowed, but not several completely separate rides.
  • There is an optional points competition. You get one point for each complete 100km ridden as part of the challenge. So one point for a 100km ride, two for a 200km ride, three for 300km and so on. You cannot carry over distance from one ride to the next: Two separate 150km rides would be two points, not three. Keep a running total of your points in your ride log if you wish.
  • You may join the challenge in any month during the calendar year (since the idea is to provide motivation to complete at least one 100km ride per month, every month), but you can only join once per calendar year (since a key element of the challenge is to encourage consistency). i.e. If you miss a month, you should wait until the following calendar year to rejoin. Obviously, January is the best month to join, because that's the only way you can claim a full calendar year.
Note a minor change this year for ease of tracking. Please create a single post, and edit each month to update your qualifying rides. This reduces the number of pages, and saves us all an awful lot of scrolling through the same stuff over and over.
Good luck all

2018 starters:
@Ajax Bay
@13 rider
@Sea of vapours
@Cranky Knee Girl
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Pro sandbagger
South Derbyshire
Jan 1st-102.6 km - Overseal-Repton-Draycott Clay-Fradley-Measham-Overseal

Feb 18th - 161.4 km - Overseal- Ashby de la Zouch - Heather - Market Bosworth - Twycross - Tamworth - Drakelow - Measham - Overseal

March 25th - 167.3 km - Overseal - Ashby - Overseal - Market Bosworth - Earl Shilton - Stoke Golding - Market Bosworth - Heather - Ashby - Overseal

April 5th - 188.5 km - Overseal, Copt Oak, Quorn, Melton Mowbray, Grantham, Boston, Spilsby, Skegness.
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Convoi Exceptionnel
Quedgeley, Glos.
1 Jan: "Severn Bridge Loop", Quedgeley-Gloucester-Newnham-Lydney-Chepstow-Severn Bridge-Alveston-Frampton-Elmore-Quedgeley (104.9km)
11 Feb:
Quedgeley-Kingsway-Churcham-Newent-Highleadon-Welland-Upton on Severn-Forthampton-Hartpury-Quedgeley (102.2km)
21 Mar:
Quedgeley-Stroud-Sapperton-Coates-Ewen-Upper Minety-Malmesbury-Tetbury-Frocester-Whitminster-Quedgeley (100.6km)
8 Apr:
"Saracen Spring Century" audax ... Droitwich-Evesham-Charlcote-Coughton-Feckenham-Droitwich (126.1km)
13 May:
Quedgeley-Coombe Hill-Cheltenham-"BHF Cotswolds Bike Ride" (30 mile version)-Cheltenham-Coombe Hill-Quedgeley (101.4km)
3 Jun:
Cheddar-Glastonbury-Wells-Wookey Hole-Cheddar-Cheddar Gorge-Burrington Combe-Shipham-Charterhouse-Cheddar-Axbridge-Cheddar (100.2km)
15 Jul:
Quedgeley/Gloucester loop-Kingsway-Nailsworth-Horsley-Coaley Peak-Arlingham-Kingsway-Hardwicke loop-Quedgeley (100.2km)
19 Aug:
Quedgeley-Gloucester-Tewkesbury-Defford-Malvern Wells-Great Malvern-West Malvern-Hartpury-Gloucester-Quedgeley (104.7km)
22 Sep:
"Bill's Theocsbury Ramble" audax ... Tewkesbury-Great Comberton-Stratford upon Avon-Stanway-Tewkesbury (115.6km)
10 Oct:
Quedgeley-Slimbridge-Purton-Sharpness-Berkeley-Oldbury-Littleton-Alveston-Whitminster-Quedgeley (102.5km)
3 Nov:
"Theo Nelson" audax ... Tewkesbury-Littledean-Parkend-Lydbrook-Mitcheldean-Ledbury-Tewkesbury (116.5km)
1 Dec:
"Once More Unto Agincourt" audax ... Tewkesbury-Newent-Symonds Yatt-Monmouth-Symonds Yatt-Newent-Tewkesbury (114.0km)
Mission accomplished.
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Perhaps This One.....
5th January 2017-Chertsey-Walton-Bushey Park-Richmond Park-Home. 101.4km.

22nd February 2017 – Chobham-Wentworth-Windsor Great Park-Ascot-Windlesham-WGP-Home. 100.5km.

9th March 2017- Chobham-Windlesham-Bagshot-Camberley-Blackwater-Farnborough-Bisley-Knaphill-Sunninghill-WGP-Home. 104.7km.

18th April 2018 – WGP- Winkfield-Shurlock Row-Sindlesham-Aborfield-Hurst-Cranbourne-Englefield Green-Home. 104.8km

3rd May 2018 – WGP- Dorney-Cookham-Little Marlow-Marlow-Medmenham-Mill End-Henley on Thames-Wargrave-Twyford-White Waltham-Windsor-Home. 104.8km
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Fat bloke, pedalling slowly and enjoying the ride.
5th Jan 101km: Lymm, Hoo Green, Plumley, Goostrey, Giant's Wood and back.
8th Jan 100km: Appleton, Arley, Tabley, Knutsford, Goostrey, Hulme Walfield and back.
26th Jan 100km: Appleton, Arley, Tabley, Knutsford, Goostrey, Hulme Walfield and back.
2nd Feb 100km: Lymm, Rostherne, Mobberley, Catchpenny, Reedsmere, Gawsworth, Marton, Swettenham, Goostrey, Plumley, Pickmere, Appleton.
16th Feb 100km: Appleton, Arley, Tabley, Knutsford, Goostrey, Hulme Walfield and back.
20th Feb 108km: Appleton, Acton Bridge, Whitegate, Little Budworth, Oulton Park, Wettenhall, Nantwich and back.
22nd Feb 102km: Lymm, Dunham, Ashley, Mobberley, Jodrell Bank, Redesmere, Gawsworth, Swettenham, Plumley, Pickmere, Appleton
26th Feb 104km: Appleton, Hoo Green, Mobberley, Jodrell Bank, Goostrey, Middlewich, Plumley, Pickmere, Grappenhall
7th Mar 101km: Appleton, Arley, Tabley, Knutsford, Goostrey, Hulme Walfield and back.
9th Mar 102km: Lymm, Dunham, Ashley, Mobberley, Jodrell Bank, Redesmere, Gawsworth, Swettenham, Plumley, Pickmere, Appleton
14th Mar 101km: Walton, Hatton, Whitley, Arley, Rostherne, Tatton, Pickmere, Anderton boat lift, Acton Bridge, Hatton, Walton
20th Mar 100km: Lymm, Hoo Green, Plumley, Goostrey, Giant's Wood and back.
26th Mar 100km: Lymm, Hoo Green, Plumley, Goostrey, Giant's Wood and back.
29th Mar 102km: Lymm, Dunham, Ashley, Mobberley, Jodrell Bank, Redesmere, Gawsworth, Swettenham, Plumley, Pickmere, Appleton
5th April 108km: Appleton, Acton Bridge, Whitegate (Road closed, detour), Little Budworth, Oulton Park, Wettenhall, Nantwich and back.
11th April, 102km: Lymm, Dunham, Ashley, Mobberley, Jodrell Bank, Redesmere, Gawsworth, Swettenham, Plumley, Pickmere, Appleton
18th April, 100km: Lymm, Hoo Green, Plumley, Goostrey, Giant's Wood and back.
20th April, 104km: Appleton, Antrobus, Great Budworth, Acton Bridge, Crowton, Delamere, Kesall, Clotton, Huxley, Beeston Castle.
27th April, 100km: Lymm, Hoo Green, Plumley, Goostrey, Giant's Wood and back.
30th April, 103km: Lymm, Dunham, Astley, Mobberley, The Wizard, Henbury, Gawsworth, North Rode, Congleton, Swettenham, Plumley, Pickmere, Appleton.
10th May 102km: Appleton, Antrobus, Pickmere, Plumley, Goostrey, Brereton Nature Reserve and back.
17th May 100km: Lymm, Rostherne, Tatton, Goostrey, Marton, Gawsworth and back
2nd June 162km: Cyclechat Cheshire Ride 2018
4th June 108km: Appleton, Acton Bridge, Whitegate, Little Budworth, Oulton Park, Wettenhall, Nantwich and back.
11th June, 130km: Appleton, Antrobus, Acton Bridge, Crowton, Delamere, Kesall, Huxley, Beeston Castle. (Plus a detour around Hart hill to the Ice Cream Farm)
13th June 100km: Lymm, Hoo Green, Plumley, Goostrey, Giant's Wood and back.
15th June 100km: Lymm, Rostherne, Tatton, Goostrey, Marton, Gawsworth and back
21st June 108km: Appleton, Acton Bridge, Whitegate, Little Budworth, Oulton Park, Wettenhall, Nantwich and back.
25th June 101km: Lymm, Rostherne, Mobberley, The Wizard, Henbury, Gawsworth, Marton, Jodrell Bank, Goostry, Plumley, Tabley, High Legh, Appleton.
27th June 102km: Appleton, Antrobus, Pickmere, Plumley, Goostrey, Brereton Nature Reserve and back.
30th June 100km: Lymm, Rostherne, Tatton, Goostrey, Marton, Gawsworth and back
3rd July, 108km: Appleton, Antrobus, Acton Bridge, Crowton, Delamere, Kesall, Huxley, Beeston Castle. (Plus a detour due to TV filming a car chase.)
5th July, 101Km: Cheshire Cycling TT Course J2/9, plus getting there and back.
9th July, 100km: Lymm, Hoo Green, Plumley, Goostrey, Giant's Wood and back.
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Its okay to be white
January 6th - 100km - Test Valley - Alderbury, West Tytherley, Mottisfont, Stockbridge, Somborne, Landford, Hamptworth.
February 17th - 102km - Wilts & Dorset - Fordingbridge, Verwood, Ashmore, 6d Handley, Cranborne, Alderholt, Woodfalls.
March 24th - 104km - New Forest - Bartley, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Burley, Bransgore, Breamore.
April 7th - 102km - Wilts & Dorset - Nunton, Alvediston, Donhead Hollow, 6d Handley, Verwood, Stockton, Woodgreen.
April 14th - 101km - Dorset - Woodfalls, Fordingbridge, Verwood, Ferndown, Cranborne, Whitsbury, Downton.
April 21st - 100km - To the coast - Bartley, Beaulieu, Lepe, Blackfield, Lyndhurst, Stoney Cross, Woodfalls.
May 12th - 101km - Forest & Dorset - Woodfalls, Ibsley, Alderholt, Three Legged Cross, Horton, Donhead, Bishopstone, Nunton.
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Rain; It's not big and it's not clever!
Costa Clyde.
January 6th - 101km - Largs to Girvan.
February 4th - 107km - Largs to Kilmaurs and back.
March 11th - 135km - Largs to Brodick, circuit of Arran, and back.
April 28th - 102km - Largs to Girvan.
May 12th - 117km - Largs, Dalry, Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmacolm, Largs.
June 12th - 101km - D-Day beaches.
July 14th - 101km - Girvan to Largs.
August 10th - 150km - Largs to Dumfries.
September 7th - 131km - Mull of Galloway to Ayr.
October 6th - 106km - Ayrshire loop.
November 4th - 106km (recorded in 2 parts, thanks Garmin!) - Largs to Stirling.
December 1st - 101km - Largs to Brodick, half circuit of Arran, and home.
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6th Jan 100km Lufbra to Cafe Velo Verde, Screveton

Ajax Bay

East Devon
15 Feb: 105km +1068m: Exmouth, East Budleigh, Culmstock, Churchinford, Daisy Mount, Exmouth
10 Jan: 101km + 837m: Exmouth, Powderham, Silverton, Ottery, Budleigh, Exmouth
27 Mar: 104km + 1646m: St Ann's Head, Little and Broad Haven, Solva, St David's, Porthgain, Mathry, Llanychaer, Greenway (B4329/B4313 X), Crosswell, Newport
28 Mar: 103km + 1413m: Newport, over Preselis, Narbeth, Wiseman's Bridge, Tenby, Pembroke, Neyland Br, cycle track to Tiers Cross, St Ann's Head
18 Apr: 102km + 916m: Exmouth, Otterton, Clyst Hydon, Thorverton, Exe estuary cycle path down to Powderham and back round to Exmouth
21 Apr (3): 300km + 2500m: 'Heart of England' Audax from Cirencester: controls at Alchester, Atherstone, Daventry and Tackley
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13th January: 103.7km - Rolling hills and VeloViewer tile hunting out towards Hemel Hempstead and St. Albans accompanied by @Sbudge -
17th February: 100.1km - Rode up to Silverstone and back; furthest north I've been on a ride that started and finished at home (no cars or trains involved) -
25th March: 105.6km - Fairly flat (for Aylesbury Vale anyway) ride out to Bicester and the outskirts of Oxford and another increase in my Eddington number -
7th April: 100.5km - More tile hunting and short, sharp climbing around Whipsnade and south Luton. Dressed for expected wet weather, only for it to turn out sunny and warm! -
19th May: 102.1km - Borrowed a bike from and rode with @Sbudge through the Dunstable Downs and the Chilterns, including two long slightly difficult sections of loose chippings on the road -
3rd June: 136.9km - Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo, plus ride to and from hotel. Very warm but great fun, especially the 20 or so miles I rode with a group of 5 other riders -
9th June: 112.8km - Rode up into Central Bedfordshire on the lookout for more tiles. Came back via a small section of the Luton-Dunstable Busway, now that it's been fully paved. First month this year with multiple centuries! -
23rd June: 109.7km - Ride down into Oxfordshire, visiting Brill and Britwell Hills, climbing both from different sides than I previously had. Struggled last 10 miles, think I hadn't taken enough sustenance with me -
7th July: 118.9km - A flat 100km lap through Thame and round Bicester, then after a brief visit home, on to Tring to my new, not so local bike shop, desperately trying to get back in time for the England game -
14th July: 112.7km - Pushing further east, almost as far as Hitchin, then back via Luton estate roads and the Busway. My stop for an ice-cream with 25 miles to go backfired though; cooled me down, but left me with a dodgy stomach for the rest of the ride -
22nd July: 111.3km - Final training ride before RideLondon. Didn't do as much mileage as I'd wanted (got up late), but did manage both the planned tough climbs in the heat, so will take that as a success -
29th July: 164.9km - RideLondon 2018. My longest ride ever. It rained. A lot. More details in the RideLondon thread -
11th August: 100.4km - Took on four tough climbs from the southern end of the Chilterns - Wigans Lane, Chipps Hill, Dudley Lane and Park Lane, and survived them all! Was supposed to be a 50 mile ride, but a tailwind on the way home encouraged me to extend it to 100km -
19th August: 102.0km - Out to Oxford and back with @Sbudge; overcast and headwind on the way out, sunny and tailwind on the way back (as proved by a number of PRs on the second half of the ride!) -
27th August: 119.3km - Travelling through various towns/villages that my Dad used to route us through when we headed out on our east coast holidays (now all long since bypassed). Headwind really hurt on way home -
15th September: 102.0km - A ride around Watford and back. A town with segregated cycleways that just end all of a sudden, but it doesn't matter cause they were mainly being stood in by pedestrians anyway -
10th October: 126.7km - A ride down to Windsor; currently the furthest south I've ever gone on a ride that started and finished at home. Also my longest ever October ride by some margin -
28th October: 104.4km - The winter gear rises out of its summer hibernation in the wardrobe for a cold, lumpy ride to Harpenden and almost as far as Luton Airport via NCN 6 -
17th November: 104.3km - Using cyclepaths to get in and out of Oxford meant I flew past a three mile tailback on the A40, which made me feel rather smug! Other than that a fairly standard metric century challenge ride -
9th December: 102.8km - Completed the challenge as I started it, riding alongside @Sbudge. Wet roads, headwinds, a failure to restart my GPS device and a slow puncture; yet still thoroughly enjoyable somehow! -

Challenge complete!
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slower but further
SE London
14th: 64.16 miles/103.2 km: Sydenham-Woodmansterne-Epsom-Cobham-East Molesey-Leatherhead-Headley-Coulsdon-Sydenham
11th: 63.42 miles/102.0 km: Sydenham-Warlingham-Sevenoaks-Hildenborough-Edenbridhe-Crowhurst-Purley-Sydenham
18th: 67.25 miles/108.2 km:Sydenham-Coulsdon-Tadworth-Polesden Lacey-Effingham-Leigh-Merstham-Sydenham
25th: 71.27 miles/114.6 km: Sydenham-Lingfield-Hartfield-Old Oxted-Sydenham
1st: 64.54 miles/103.8 km: Sydenham-Warlingham-Otford-Ightham-Ide Hill-Brasted-Sydenham
12th: 63.46 miles/102.1 km: St Malo-Dinard-Ploermel [2C2C Tour of Brittany]
24th: 70.61 miles/113.6 km: Sydenham-Reigate-Rusper-Horsham-Colgate-Redhill-Sydenham
6th: 67.59 miles/108.7 km: Sydenham-Coulsdon-Ranmore Common-Peaslake-Newdigate-Merstham-Sydenham
13th: 108.54 miles/174.6 km: Sydenham-Handcross-Devil's Dyke-Brighton-Ditchling-Ardingley-Sydenham
18th: 89.64 miles/144.2 km: FNRttC London-Maldon and back to Shenfield
26th: 67.26 miles/108.2 km: Sydenham-Coulsdon-Great Bookham-Westhumble-Betchworth-Mugswell-Sydenham
3rd: 68.33 miles/109.9 km: Sydenham-Warlingham-East Grinstead-Ardingly-Merstham-Sydenham
5th: 62.89 miles/101.2 km: Sydenham-Warlingham-Kemsing-Knole Park-Ide Hill-Sydenham
8th: 108.28 miles/174.2 km: FNRttC London-Brighton + SMRbH to Coulsdon
12th: 63.52 miles/102.2 km: Sydenham-Horne-Redhill Aerodrome-Leigh-Box Hill-Coulson-Sydenham
17th: 86.50 miles/139.2 km: Sydenham-Reigate-Rudgwick-Colgate-Charlwood-Redhill-Sydenham
24th: 77.63 miles/124.9 km: Sydenham-Toys Hill-The Weald-Hildenborough-Penshurst-Godstone-Sydenham [A]
26th: 64.01 miles/103.0 km: Sydenham-Coulsdon-Stoke d'Abernon-Painshill-Fetcham-Coulsdon-Sydenham [A]
1st: 74.63 miles/120.1 km: Sydenham-Chaldon-Turners Hill-Staplefield-Faygate-Reigate-Sydenham [A]
17th: 75.50 miles/121.5 km: Fridays Tour Lisieux-Brionne-Lisieux [F]
5th: 66.10 miles/106.3 km: Sydenham-Beddlestead-Knole Park-Charcott-Marden Park-Sydenham [A]
12th: 66.90 miles/107.6 km: Sydenham-Coulsdon-Betchworth-Capel-Rusper-Charlwood-Reigate-Sydenham [F]
17th: 101.62 miles/163.5 km: FNRttC London-Whitstable & SMRbH to Rochester [A]
25th: 103.92 miles/167.2 km: Sydenham-Warlingham-Kemsing-West Malling-Matfield-Tandridge-Sydenham [A]
2nd: 110.05 miles/177.1 km: Sydenham-Chaldon-Turners Hill-Fletching-Alfriston-Ardingley-Whyteleafe South [A]
4th: 65.34 miles/105.1 km: Sydenham-Warlingham-Eynsford-Dartford-Thames Path-Greenwich-Sydenham [A]
9th: 107.65 miles/173.2 km: Sydenham-Beckenham-Croydon-Tandridge-Edenbridge-Chiddingstone-Staplehurst-Hildenborough-Whyteleafe South [A]
16th: 111.81 miles/178.3km: Sydenham-coulsdon-Rudgewick-Amberley-Horsham-Redhill-Sydenham [A]
22nd: 109.11 miles/175.5km: FNRttC London-Oxford and back to Amersham [A]
29th: 80.75 miles/129.8 km: Purley-Paris-Purley Club Tour: Rouen to Epone-Meziers [F]
1st: 65.12 miles/104.8 km: Purley-Paris-Purley Club Tour: Epone-Meziers to Forges-les-eaux [F]
7th: 64.90 miles/104.4 km: Sydenham-York Hill-Hildenborough-Heaverham-Warlingham-Sydenham [A]
13th: 108.53 miles/174.6 km: FNRttC Shoreham and back to Coulsdon South [A]
16th: 62.76 miles/101 km: Sydenham-Braested-Ide Hill-Lingfield-Godstone-Beckenham-Sydenham [A]
21st: 104.36 miles/167.9 km: Sydenham-Bromley-Coulsdon-Headley-Esher-Capel-Lambs Green-Horley-Lingfield-Sydenham [A]
4th: 101.45 miles/162.5 km: Sydenham-Brighton-Sydenham [Veteran Car Chase] [A]
18th: 69.66 miles/112.1 km: Sydenham-Warlingham-Heaverham-Hildenborough-Chiddinstone Causeway-Godstone-Sydenham [A]
25th: 64.12 miles/103.1 km: Sydenham-Bromley-Chaldon-Henfold Lakes-Reigate-Beckenham-Sydenham [A]
9th: 66.11 miles/106.3 km: Sydenham-Beckenham-Coulsdon-Leatherhead-Weybdidge-East Molesey-Epsom-Purley Oaks [F]
30th: 105.37 miles/169.5 km: Sydenham-Otford-Plaxtol-Smarden-Marden-Hildenborough-Godstone-Whyteleafe South [A]


[A] Condor Acciaico [F] Condor Fratello
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13th January, 100.9km ( - Velo-square meander with @steverob on a grey Bucks day
29th January, 133.1km ( - NCR 12, 61 and 1 gravel (and mud) loop...lots of mud...did I say it was muddy?
4th February, 104.7km ( - Wendover, Wycombe and Watlington ...wet and windy too!
29th March, 100.2km ( - Various Herts NCRs...5 hours of rain and mud
9th April, 101.5km ( - Desert Century! 34 degrees average, horribly tough.
22nd April, 101.9km ( - West Hampstead, Windsor, Hampton Court and Richmond Park...wonderful
12th May, 102.3km ( - Whiteleaf, Pink, Plomer etc. back in the hills
19th May, 102.8km ( - Wendover, Dunstable, Hemel & Chesham with Steve
3rd June, 161.4km ( - Wendover, Britwell, Turville, Goring etc...beautiful but hard
1st July, 100.2km ( - NW6, Farthing Downs, Succombs Hill, Addington, Catford, NW6
7th July, 101.4km ( - Wendover, Ashridge, Harpenden, Berkhamsted ...rather warm!
15th July, 101.9km ( - Summer gravel ....Wendover woods, Ashridge estate, Nickey Line, Harding trail etc... still rather warm!
22nd July, 100.3km ( - Pootle down to Kent - London, Norwood, Brasted, Coldharbour, Greenwich
28th July, 105.9km ( - More Summer gravel … Harding, Nickey, Tring, Wendover Woods trails
5th August, 100.1km ( - Whiteleaf, Pink, Wiggans, Blount and Smalldean hills
19th August, 104.8km ( - Oxford loop with @steverob ... what he said! ^_^
25th August, 112.7km ( - Wendover, Wycombe and Watlington...wonderful
2nd September, 103.1km ( - Wendover, Ewelme and nr.Henley...Down to the River (and back)
16th September, 100.9km ( - Windy all the way - Wendover to MK and back
29th September, 101.0km ( - Bishopbriggs to Edinburgh...via canal!
20th October, 101.7km ( - Perfect Autumn gravel, Hatfield, Hertford & Hoddesdon
3rd November, 100.9km ( - Mild November meander, down to Assendon and back
9th November, 106.6km ( - More of the JMW, Dunbar to Falkirk
17th November, 100.5km ( - Slow Saturday - Wendover, Ivinghoe, Kinsbourne, Chesham
2nd December, 100.8km ( - Wet & Windy Thames - NW6, Woolwich, Dartford, Greenwich, Waterloo, NW6
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13 rider

Jan 20th 63.89 miles
Anstey ,Cossington ,Hoby ,Gaddesby ,Asfordby ,Scalford ,Nice pie cafe for some much needed food and warm coffee ,Barrow ,Quorn ,Cropston ,Anstey . 4 hrs in the rain and snow not exactly fun
Feb 11th 62.4 miles
Anstey ,Cossington ,Hoby ,Asfordby ,Long Clawson ,Hose ,Colston Bassett ,Old Dalby ,Nice Pie cafe . Barrow ,Quorn ,Mountsorrel ,Rothley ,Anstey . Started in the sunshine finished in the snow
Mar 25th 76.7 miles
Anstey ,Ratby, Market Bosworth ,Earl Shilton ,Sutton Elms ,Frolesworth ,Sapcote ,Stoney Stanton, Market Bosworth ,Desford ,Anstey
Apr 8th 71 miles
Anstey ,Syston ,Barkby ,Rearsby ,Frisby, Asfordby ,East Leake ,Sutton Bonnington ,Diesworth ,Shepshed ,Newtown Linford ,Anstey
May 13th 66.1 miles
Anstey ,Newtown Linford ,Groby ,Anstey ,Cropston ,Rothley start of Chatswood forest charity ride . 50 hilly miles round the forest back to Rothley ,Cropston ,Anstey
June 8th 128 miles
Anstey ,Newark ,Gainsborough ,Goole ,York
August 15th 115 miles
Anstey ,Oakham ,Stamford ,Corby Glen ,Saltby ,Barrow ,Anstey
Sept 2nd
Anstey ,Gaddesby ,Burrough on the hill ,Wissendine ,Rutland water ,Langham ,Somerby ,Cossington ,Anstey
Oct 7th 114 miles
Anstey ,Newark ,Collingham ,Wickenby ,Lincoln
Nov 17th 71.1 miles
Anstey ,Keyworth ,Long Eaton ,Nottingham ,Plumtree ,Wymeswold ,Mountsorrel ,Anstey
Dec 9th 73.1 miles
Anstey ,Belton ,Melbourne ,Etwall ,Marston ,Burton ,Lount ,Whitwick ,Anstey
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