The 2018 Half Century ( 50km or 50 mile ) a Month Challenge


I've run away with my friends to..
...New Tealandia
January to June

Running Total to end of June: 19 points. woo hoo.:hyper:

01/07/18 Downham, Watlington, King's Lynn, A10 :ohmy: Turn to Watlington, Magdalen, Barroway Drove, Downham. 50km 1pt.
07.07.18 Downham, Oxborough (cake) Marham, Downham 52km 1pt
08.07.18 - As above but slightly different and didn't bother with cake 1pt
22.07.18 - Downham, Denver, somewhere, Outwell, Upwell, Barroway, Downham. 1pt

August Norwich to Whitwell Stn on Marriotts Way, and back plus’s some wiggling about to make up to 50km. 1 point

September Downham, Denver up to somewhere, got lost back the way I came. 1pt Downham, Denver, Littleport, A10, Hilgay, Denver Downham. 1 point Downham, Watlington, King's Lynn, Watlington, Barroway Drove, Downham. 1 pt
29/09/18 - Downham, Watlington, Magdalen, Downham 24.5km- Ride No. 2
Ditto - Downham, Denver, Hilgay, Bexwell, Downham Ride No. 1. 1 pt together

07/10/18 - Downham, Oxburgh, Barton Bendish, Runcton Home, DM, Barroway Drove, DM 1 pt.

17/11/18 Downham to Saddlebow, Wiggenhall, Outwell, home. 1pt

16/12/18 Whitwell to Reepham, Aylsham, Coltishall, Hainford, Taverham, Whitwell 1pt
24/12/18 Downham, Barroway Drove, Welney, 10 Mile bank, Denver, Bexwell, Downham 1pt
25/12/18 Old Leake, Boston, Tattershall, Bardney, on a bit, back to Bardney. 1 pt
30/12/18 Peterborough loop. No idea where, just followed my friends. 1pt 50km (had to back and forth up cyclepaths to get the 50km as one friend was on foot with a flat)
31/12/18 Downham, King's Lynn, Wormegay, Fincham, Denver, Downham. 53km 1pt

Running Total now: 36 points :cycle:


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slow scot

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25th. (58 kms). Westhill cycleway, Auchronie, Col de Millbuie, Lyne of Skene, Dunecht, Echt, Flora's, Drum, Deeside line.
30th. (53 kms). Deeside line, Drum, Flora's, Echt, Tillymannoch, Loch of Skene, Garlogie, Blacktop.


1st. (54 kms). Blacktop, Garlogie, Flora's, Echt, Dunecht, Lyne of Skene, Col de Millbuie, Westhill cycleway.
2nd. (51 kms). Blacktop, Garlogie, Flora's, Drum, Deeside line, Duthie Park.
6th. (53 kms). Deeside line, Drum, Flora's, Park shop, Park bridge, South Deeside Road, Mill Inn, Deeside line, Duthie Park.
8th. (51 kms). Deeside line, Drum, Flora's, Echt, Tillymannoch, Loch of Skene, Garlogie.
16th. 59 kms). Blacktop, Garlogie, Loch of Skene, Tillymannoch, Echt, Flora's, Drumoak, Park bridge, South Deeside Road, Mill Inn, Deeside line.
17th. (53 kms). Blacktop, Garlogie, Flora's, Drumoak, South Deeside Road, Mill Inn, Deeside line, Duthie Park.
19th. (53 kms). Deeside line, Drum, Flora's, Park shop, Park bridge, South Deeside Road, Mill Inn, Deeside line, Duthie Park.
21st. (52 kms). Deeside line, Drum, Flora's, Echt, Tillymannoch, Loch of Skene, Garlogie, Blacktop.
23rd. (54 kms). Deeside line, Drum, Flora's, Dunecht estate, Loch of Skene, Garlogie, Blacktop.
26th. (53 kms). Deeside line, Drum, Echt, Tillymannoch, Loch of Skene, Garlogie, Blacktop.
30th. (53 kms). Blacktop, Garlogie, Flora's, Park shop, Park bridge, Durris hills, Mill Inn, Deeside line.
31st. (53 kms). Blacktop, Garlogie, Loch of Skene, Tillymannoch, Echt, Drumoak, Park bridge, South Deeside Road, Mill Inn, Deeside line.

Total Points; 141.
N Somerset
January 2018 7pts
Sun 14th
75km 820m BCG A ride of two halves Home Chew Stoke-West Harptree-Blagdon-Wrington-Yatton-Kingston Seymour-Clevedon-Nasty Naish Hill-Home 1pt
Sat 27th
107km 913m Jack and Grace Cotton AudaxBristol/Filton-Berkely-Simbridge-Epney-Quedgley/Gloucester-Stonehouse-Tortworth-Bristol/Filton 3pts
Sun 28th
100km 656m BCG Home-Backwell-Wrington-Churchill-Loxton-Lympsham-Weston-S-M-Hewish-Congresbury-Yatton-Backwell-Long Ashton-Home 3pts
February 2pts
Sun 4th
53km 424m BCG Clevedon and a brownie for BelmontHome-Backwell-Kingston Seymour-Clevedon-Backwell-Belmont-Long Ashton-Home 1pt
Sun 18th
56km 462m BCG Shirley's at Severn Beach Home-Belmont-Pill-Avonmouth Bridge-Easter Compton-Severn Beach-Portway/Bristol-Long Ashton-Home 1pt
March 3pts
104km 1650m Wells, Mells and Old Rail Trail AudaxWhitchurch-Wells-Bruton-Stourhead-Mells-Radstock-Whitchurch 3pts
April 10pts
Sun 8th
61km 729m BCG Belmont Repeats Portishead and Clevedon Home-2.5xBelmont repeats-Pill-Portishead-Clevedon-Kingston Seymour-Backwell-Home 1pt
Sun 15th
81km 970m BCG Chew Valley Home-Backwell-Brockley Coombe-Chew Magna-Pensford-Stanton Drew-Blagdon-Congresbury-Backwell-Home 2pts
Tues 17th
58km 428m Bristol-Bath Railway Path Home-Bristol-Warmley-Bitton-Saltford-Keynsham and back 1pt
Sun 22nd
104km 845m BCG Burrington Coombe, Somerset Levels Home-Backwell-Burrington Coombe-Priddy-Godney-Loxton-Yatton-Backwell-Home 3pts
Sun 29th
103km 1165m Merry Monk Audax High Ham, Langport, Forde Abbey, Halstock, Sherborne, Somerton, High Ham 3pts
May 8pts
Sat 5th
56km 1350m Welsh Lamb Chops mtb Dolgellau-Cader Idris-Llanegryn-Llwyngwril-Cregennan Lakes-Arthog-Penmaenpool-Dolgellau 1pt
Sat 12th
107km 1135m South Glos Audax Alveston-Leighterton-Tebury-Poole Keynes-Sapperton-Cherrington-Wotton-under-Edge- Alveston 3pts
Sun 13th
80km 960m BHF Cotswold 50 mile Prestbury-Cheltenham-Temple Guiting-Snowshill-Winchcombe-Alderton-Gotherington-Prestbury 2pts
Sun 20th
90km 982m BCG Home-Backwell-Congresbury-Shipham-Charterhouse-Chew Stoke-Nempnett Thrubwell-Wrington-Yatton-Backwell-Home 2pts
June 8pts
Sun 17th
56km 512m BCG Bridges and Lanes Home-Ashton Court-Suspension Bridge-Bristol Portway-Avonmouth Bridge-Portbury-Pill-Clevedon-Backwell-Home 1pt
Sun 24th
126km 1400m Bristol Randonnée AudaxHome-Bristol-Radstock-Bradford on Avon-Lacock-Corsham-Castle Combe-Pucklechurch-Bristol-Home 3pts
Sat 30th
174km 1700m Avon Cycleway Audax plus to and fro 4pts
July 8pts
Sat 8th
70km 681m BCG Shady Lanes Home-Backwell-Brockley Combe-Chew Magna-Chew Stoke-Ubley-Blagdon-Wrington-Yatton-Backwell-Home 1pt
Sun 15th
75km 819m Cairngorms Loop Day 1 mtb Blair Atholl-Calvine-Loch an Duin-Lynabeack-Tromie Mills-Feshiebridge-Dahavert-Inverdrurie-Coylumbridge 1pt
Mon 16th
50km 813m Cairngorms Loop Day 2mtb Coylumbridge-Abernethy Forest-Doback Estate-Tomintoul-Inchrory 1pt
Sat 28th
209km 2500m Raglan Castle Audax Bath-Hullavington-Westonbirt-Wotton under Edge-Tortworth-Severn Bridge-Chepstow-Itton-Raglan-Usk-Chepstow-Severn Bridge-Olveston-Pucklechurch-Kelston-Bath 5pts
August 4pts
Sun 5th
50km 425m BCG Clevedon Social Home-Backwell-Kingston Seymour-Clevedon-Portbury-Home 1pt
Weds 29th
106km 1120m Rhubarb porridge and roadworks Home-Portbury via Providence-Clapton in Gordano-Clevedon-Kingston Seymour-Brockley Coombe-Winford-Home-Portbury via Belmont-Clapton in Gordano-Clevedon-Kingston Seymour-Yatton-Airport via Goblin Coombe-Barrow Gurney-Home 3pts
September 5pts
Sun 2nd
103km 1033m BCG Wye we went to Tintern Home-Portway/Bristol-Hallen-Easter Compton-Pilning-Aust-OldSevern Bridge-Chepstow-St Arvans-Tintern-Brockweir-Chepstow-Old Severn Bridge-Severn Beach-Avonmouth-Portway/Bristol-Home 3pts
Fri 14th
50km 1000m Greece Sardes sand dunes mtb 1pt
Fri 21st
50km 1000m Greece Sardes sand dunes mtb 1pt
October 5 pts
Sun 7th
50km 203m Sunday Social to Clevedon Home-Backwell-Kingston Seymour-Clevedon-Backwell-Home 1 pt
Sun 28th
106km 952m BCG Thornbury and Clevedon extension Home-Bristol-Thornbury via Railway Path-Easter Compton-Bristol/Portway-Long Ashton-Portbury-Clevedon-Nailsea-Home 3pts
Weds 31st
65km 720m Chew Loop Home-Backwell-Brockley Coombe-Winford-Chew Stoke-Bishops Sutton-Chew Stoke-Winford-Backwell-Nailsea-Failand via Belmont-Home 1pt
November 4 pts
Sun 11th
82km 574m BCG Weston Home-Backwell-Congresbury-Hewish-Wick-Weston Super Mare-Uphill-Hutton-Wrington-Backwell-Home 2pts
Weds 14th
57km 492m Portway Portishead Clevedon loop Home-Backwell Common-Long Ashton-Portway/Bristol-Avonmouth Bridge-Pill-Portishead-Clevedon-Nailsea-Home 1 pt
Sat 17th
56km 602m Chew Loop Home-Backwell-Brockley Coombe-Chew Stoke-West Harptree-Bishop Sutton-Chew Stoke-Winford-Home 1pt
Sun 25th
101km 1012m BCG Udderly Gorgeous and slightly Chewed Home-Backwell-Yatton-Strawberry Line-Cheddar-Yoxter-Farrington Gurney-Bishop Sutton-Chew Magna-Brockley Coombe-Backwell-Home 3pts
December 5 pts
Sat 22nd
85km 649m BRCC Christmas Social Ride Home-Backwell-Webbington-Bleadon-Westhay-Wedmore-Crickham-Webbington-Winscombe-Aborted puncture 2 pts
Dec Sat 29th
108km 1083m Jack and Jill went up a few hills Home-Backwell-Congresbury-Burrington Coombe-Chewton Mendip-Faulkland-Wellow-Midford-Two Tunnels-Bath-B2B Railway Path-Bristol-Long Ashton-Home 3 pts

Running total 71 pts

Rob and Alison

Über Member
Caistor, Lincs
January : R&A 6 rides, 6 points. Stig : 1 ride, 1 point.
February : R&A 4 rides, 4 points. Stig : 2 rides, 2 points.
March : R&A 4 rides, 4 points. Stig : 1 ride, 1 point.
April : R&A 6 rides 10 points. Stig : 2 rides 4 points.
May : R&A 5 rides, 6 points. Stig : 3 rides, 4 points.
June : R&A 10 rides, 13points. Stig : 3 rides, 4 points.
July : R&A 6 rides, 13 points. Stig : 2 rides, 3 points
August: R&A 7 rides, 12 points. Stig : 2 rides, 2 points.
September: R&A 6 rides, 14 points. Stig : 1 ride, 1 point.
October: R&A 5 rides, 8 points. Stig : 2 rides, 2 points
November: R&A 7 rides, 10 points. Stig 2 rides, 3 points.

1st. 51km. Caistor, N.Kelsey, S.Kelsey, Brandy Wharf, Waddingham, Redbourne, Hibaldstow, Scawby, Broughton, Castlethorpe, Brigg, Kettleby, Howsham, Caistor. on Tandem. 1 point.
7th. 53km. Caistor, Whitegate hill, High st, Tealby, Dog Kennel Wood, Legsby, Linwood, Bustlingthorpe, Middle Rasen, Osgodby, N.Gulham, S.Kelsey, N.Kelsey, N.Kelsey moor, Caistor. * with Stig. 1 point.
8th. 105km. D.I.Y. Audax : (not tried this before, our Strava is in Stig's name. and not used often) on Tandem. 3points

Just to complete the record of our rides for 2018:

14th 66km. Caistor to Barton and back, on Tandem
22nd 51miles. Caistor to Welton and back, with Stig.
24th-31st eight rides of 41 - 42 miles, three with Stig, two on the tandem. for the Festive500. from here:

To give final totals of :
R&A points total : 114
Stig's points total : 34
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