The 2016 Metric Century (100km) A Month Challenge


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This thread is only for the logging of your qualifying rides.

To log a ride, add a post containing all of your 2016 metric centuries to date. One ride per line, with the date, distance, short route description, and any links you want to add. Do not post just a link.

When you add a post, copy all of the rides from your previous post so that your latest post contains all of your rides.

You can add links to Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, Endomondo etc if you wish, but these are not mandatory.

Photos, maps, and subjective thoughts on the ride or the challenge in general should go elsewhere, for example The Metric Century (100KM) A Month Challenge ChatZone

See this thread for examples.

The rules, such as they are, are as follows:
  • You must complete at least one ride of least 100km (a metric century) in each calendar month. If you miss a month then you are out of the challenge until next year.
  • The 100km must be in a single ride. Breaks for meals, repairs, sightseeing, lollygagging etc. are allowed, but not several completely separate rides.
  • There is an optional points competition. You get one point for each complete 100km ridden as part of the challenge. So one point for a 100km ride, two for a 200km ride, three for 300km and so on. You cannot carry over distance from one ride to the next: Two separate 150km rides would be two points, not three. Keep a running total of your points in your ride log if you wish.
  • You may join the challenge in any month during the calendar year (since the idea is to provide motivation to complete at least one 100km ride per month, every month), but you can only join once per calendar year (since a key element of the challenge is to encourage consistency). i.e. If you miss a month, you should wait until the following calendar year to rejoin. Obviously, January is the best month to join, because that's the only way you can claim a full calendar year.
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1st - 100km - Into Wiltshire - Ipsley, Sandleheath, Broad Chalke, Odstock, Downton, Redlynch, Bramshaw. (1 point)
January 10th | 103Km's | 1 point.

Southampton, middle wallop, Stockbridge Winchester, Eastleigh, Southampton.

January 15th | 171Km's | 1 point.

Southampton, Alresford, Alton, Farnham, Guildford, West Meon, Eastleigh, Southampton.

January 23rd | 165 Km's | 1 point
Southampton, Andover, Newbury, Romsey, Eastleigh, Southampton

January 24th | 104 Km's | 1 point.
New Forest and stuff. Club ride.

February 7th | 101 Km's | 1 point.

Another club ride out into the countryside.

18th Feb | 164 Km's | 1 point.

Up to Littlehampton and back.

21st Feb | 101 Km's | 1 point.

Up to middle wallop and back.

28th Feb | 102 Km's | 1 point.

Middle wallop a slightly different route.

4th March | 216 Km's | 2 points

Up to Brighton and back.

13th March | 116 Km's | 1 point

CTC ride all over the place.

20th March | 175 Km's | 1 point.

Southampton, Salisbury, Shaftesbury, new forest, Lyndhurst, Totton, Southampton.

25th March | 130 Km's ( corrected )| 1 point

Southampton, Denmead, Winchester, Upham, Fair oak, West End, Thornhill, Weston, Woolston, Southampton

10th April | 110Km's | 1 point.

Fair Oak, Wickham, Fareham, Havant, Chichester, Goodwood motor circuit, back again.

12th April | 166 Km's | 1 point.

Southampton, Winchester, Alresford, Alton, Farnham, Guildford, West Meon, Fair Oak

1st May 2016 | 108 Km's | 1 point.

Isle of Wight Randonee 2016.

6th May 2016 | 165 Km's | 1 point.

13th May 2016 | Fireworks and feck ups | 111 Km's | 1 point. * adjusted for Stravanisimis *

14th May 2016 | My ride with Chris Froome | 142 Km's | 1 point.

2nd June 2016 | munching miles on new machine's maiden metric | 101 Km's | 1 point

4th June 2016 | Littlehamp(ton) 2 | 173 Km's| 1 point.

11th June 2016 | Al(TON) | 110 Km's | 1 point.

18th June 2016 | Don't get your Hamp(TON) court | 248 Km's | 2 points.

19th June 2016 | Metric Reccy ride | 110 Km's | 1 point.

3rd July 2016 | Brighton and back | 215 Km's | 2 points.

15th July | Chichester and back | 102Km's | 1 point.

Total points 28.
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Oh well here we go again.
January 10th
Bridgwater - Mark - Wedmoor - Wookey Hole - Wells - Somerton - Langport and back home 101Kms
Febuary 27th
Bridgwater - wells - Shepton mallet - and back for a cold last chance 102kms
March 19th
A lovely day out in the sun and the first triple A 100kms.
April 19th
When the north wind blows then you should head north.
May 8th
Over the Quantocks and Blackdowns for another Triple A adventure.
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