Thank you, CycleChat!

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Thank you back for contributing, I really enjoy your ride reports :bravo:


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Some forums are like that. I was on bikechatforums (motorbikes) and it was a fairly good one if you ignored some of the idiots. but in the last 6 months since a few of the top contributors left, it has become a cesspit of idiots
I think a lot of forums started going downhill when Bookface came in and people set up groups on there.

Certainly the football forum I am on sees very little traffic nowadays, must be just people like me left who have no interest in joining Bookface!

welsh dragon

a permanent vacancy now exists
Not sure how long I have been a member.
I joined to get bike buying advice when I decided to get into it
The questions I asked were the same as countless others ask but I still got pleasant, sensible replies.
Apart from the stick from @welsh dragon I still enjoy it ^_^

Methinks you doth protest to much. ^_^


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Not sure how long I have been a member.
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Loads of forums i used a lot for motorbikes have long since disappeared.

So have a few MTB one's, u guess its apathy and cost to run that kills them.

This forum is holding on but you cant say much before the panic button gets pressed, thread locked ect...

We'll see


Facebook has definitely killed loads of internet forums off. One of the numerous downsides of this is the inordinate amount of 'e-conan' know it alls on social media.
Generally with forums if someone is unpleasant they'll be in the minority, get removed and that's usually the end of it.
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