Telling lies and the consequences....

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I appreciate this may get moved into P&L lite....

Lying. If I lie at work to my employers or customers and get found out, I reasonably expect some punishment or at worst being fired. Lying to the police or HMRC comes at a cost too. But how-come certain politicians and others in the public spotlight/media are allowed to lie (often blatantly) without any form of punishment. How can you be the leader of a nation and serial lier? Why do we allow this to happen?
Surely this taints us all?
One rule for some and another rule for others . You will find it in every work place in the country im afraid .

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One man's truth is another man's lie, interpretation etc.

You have heard the saying "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" well telling lies and getting found out is not a reason to suffer the consequences anymore. You can bluff your way out of telling porkies at work by saying you just misheard or misunderstood . Get yourself a solicitor and even though you told lies, you may well get away with it when it comes to the law. And even if you are found guilty that's no guarantee you will suffer the consequences.

The only people you wont get away with it are HRMC and that's because money is involved and where that is the case the government will get you every single time.


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It's simple, some people believe the lies from their chosen liars and others believe the lies from their chosen liars.

That's how we choose a party to follow.

I'll admit at the moment i dont believe anyone, ive never trusted anyone but that's different to believing bullcrapping liers.


Flouncing Nobber
with the adversary nature of the current 2 party system it will always be the same...
Yep, the anti semites vs the islamophobes.

I'm honestly astonished that people can't see past any of this and fervently support one or the other, genuinely thinking their choce is somehow any less morally bankrupt than the other.

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Ohh and making a promise isn't telling lies, as it's just something you wish and hope will happen.
All politicians use this to draw in the saps... Get their vote and then waffle their way out of the promises.
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