TdF 2021 stage 11 Mt Ventoux x2

Dave Davenport

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Can't help thinking a summit finish on the second ascent would be better.


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Big danger of the contenders marking each other and thereby neutralising at least the first ascent.
You're probably right.

But, but ... there have been some unpredictable and exciting things in GTs of late so who knows.

I'll just be delighted if it actually happens.
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Piggin' heck! That is going to be a beast of a day.
Going up Ventoux from Sault was hard enough for me, let alone using that as a warm-up for climbing it from Bedoin.


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It's in between two flat stages so maybe it will kick off but it is a Wednesday so a long way to the following weekend in the Pyrenees - literally, a long way across the flat through Nîmes.
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